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Form Groups

A Group may be added directly to the form layout. Any items nested immediately beneath the Group will be mutually exclusive forcing the user to select only one of the choices. Form Groups have the same options as any other form layout object such as date and visibility controls and also include the following:

  • Label for display
  • Required/optional flag

You can identify a Group in the form layout by the following icon: Groups

Adding Groups

To add a Group to the form, click the wrench at the top ( ) and choose Add New and then Group. The group will be added to the very bottom of the registration form.

Drag it to your desired position in the form. Then add or drag and drop items on top of the Group like in the following image:

The green plus icon indicates it will be nested as a child. Release the element and it will appear indented under the Group. It will be mutually exclusive with all other elements dropped under that Group. This is an example of four packages in one group; note the radio button that forces the user to select just one of the choices:

Group Compatibility

The following table outlines what can be placed into a Group:

Item Can be nested under group
Packages Yes
Questions No
Assigners No
Groups No
Branches Yes

The primary use case for Groups is to force the user to select just one of a number of Packages.

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