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Inline Preview

There are two ways to preview the registration form: use either the complete event preview or use our in-line preview as part of the form builder. You can find the in-line preview in the right pane between the Edit and Help tabs:

Preview is the middle of the small tabs

By default, the form previews as though it were the first day of your registration window.

The in-line preview lets you quickly switch between editing and previewing exactly as your attendees will see it without leaving the screen. Each time you click the preview tab, the order form will be dynamically generated.

The in-line preview also supports viewing the form at different dates or with specific member flags. Opening the "Preview Options" panel at the top of the right pane exposes your choices:

Setting date or visibility constraints for the preview

Use this to preview the registration form as an instructor instead of a driver or to see early-bird discounts or late penalty fees take effect.

Currently the time may not be set separately and all dates default to 12:00am.