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When Will My Monies Arrive?

This area explains the pay period schedule and payment notification process.

Payment Schedule

At midnight on the 15th and 31st, we close the pay period for the previous two weeks. We initiate direct deposits once we receive all of the funds from the previous pay period. Including weekends and holidays, it takes approximately 5 business days for US organizations, and 7 for Canadian organizations, after the close of the pay period, to see your funds in your bank account.

Deferred payments are subject to these same time frames. If you batch process payments on the 1st, the monies will be transferred according to this schedule after the period closes on the 16th.

Payment Notification

We initiate the email and report that you receive in your inbox notifying you of the transaction ID # and payment history once we have initiated the transfer from the account.

The payment status will switch from "Pending" when we initiate the payment detail emails. While typically we perform the deposit initiation and the email at the same time, the latter does not impact the timing of the former.

Organization funds are the most important thing we handle and we stick to our schedule closely to ensure that our customers have reliable funding. Our payments system is fully automated so it happens at the same time every pay period like clockwork.

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