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Fund Transfer Reconciliation makes it easy to reconcile the twice-monthly transfers of registration fees. There are basically two ways to go about this:

Reconciliation Options

  1. Reconciling Using Treasurer Emails
  2. Reconciling Using Financial Reports

Reconciling Using Treasurer Emails sends a Treasurer Report via email for each funds transfer that is initiated at the end of a pay period. This report includes gross funds collected, fees withheld, per-registrant payment information, etc. The report is sent to the treasurer email address on record in the Club Profile information, or to the club's primary contact if no treasurer email address is specified, and is designed to make post-event accounting very easy.

Reconciling Using Financial Reports

Event financials can also be reconciled using several reports in the reporting suite (click on the Reports link in the black navigation bar at the top of any administrative page). Several of the reports are particularly interesting:

  1. Pay Period Statements (in the Accounting Reports box at the bottom of the reporting page). The Pay Period Statements report will list all funds transfers made to your club over time, including gross and net-of-fees amounts along with the event for which the funds were collected.
  2. Event Financial Report (in the Financials box). This report should be run for each event you wish to reconcile and it will detail all payments recorded, both online and offline, for the event in question. Note: it is possible for attendees to have multiple entries in this report if they had multiple payments recorded for them.
  3. Ordered Inventory (in the Attendees box). This report will list all fees due, all monies paid, and all inventory items ordered for each participant in the event. It does not break out multiple payments separately as the Event Financial Report does.