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Help for Event Organizers

As an organizer, you have a full suite of tools at your disposal to collect and manage online registrations. We have documented each feature below with descriptions, intended usage scenarios, tips and tricks as well as video screencasts to aid you in getting the most out of the system. Feel free to browse or search above:

Key Concepts

READ FIRST - before you get started as an organizer, you must understand these three concepts unique to!

  1. Segments
  2. Assignments
  3. Status and Workflow

And watch our new organizer training videos!

Club Profile

Global setup is contained under the Club Profile option in the top navigation. Here you'll configure general contact information, account options and so forth. Most organizations set these up when first getting started and then periodically review them for changes.

Member Database

The core of our service is a member database of participants and people interested in participating with your organization. Membership management features are included for those clubs who handle their own membership dues.

Setting Up Events

Before you can take online registration and payment, you must first configure your event. Generally, staff will set up your first event for you allowing you to clone future events quickly. Below are details of how to maximize the event setup options.

Creating Events



Registration Form


Managing Registrations

Once you've started accepting registrations (and optionally payments), MSR can do everything from generate reports to verify memberships to send emails.

We've organized the relevant tools for each phase of the event under four tabs: Open Registration, Pre-Event, Event Day and Post Event.

Day to Day

Pre/Post Event

Promoting Events