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Event administrators may see the word Empty! on their attendee list from time to time. It shows up in either the Pkg column, or the Assgn column, alerting the event registrar that there are missing packages, or assignments.

Reasons why you might see Empty!

If the red Empty! shows up in:

  • Pkg - If the registration has no packages, a red "Empty!" will appear. This cannot happen through a regular registration and indicates an admin-entered registration that is incomplete.
  • Assgn - Like the column above, a red "Empty!" in this column indicates the registration has no assignments. For all but the most simple RSVP form, this is undesirable as it means no vehicle, class, group, instructor or number information has been collected. This generally points to an event configuration problem (usually with assigners) and requires investigation.

Why you typically do not want any Empty assignments

  • Attendee won't show up on public or restricted attendee lists
  • Record will not be included in reports that deal with assignments
  • Attendee will not show up on the Assignments screen