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Double Race Event Recipe

This event recipe is designed for double-race competitive events (for example, an SCCA Double Regional).

Secret Sauce

The Double Race Event generally has only two segments, a selection of classes and race groups, and an order form with various race options to choose from.


This event is based on the Single Race recipe. Changes to the basic setup are listed below.


  • Basic Settings - set the event beginning and end dates to different values to indicate that this is a multi-day event.


A Double Race Event generally requires one Segment for each race. A common convention for SCCA organizations is to name each segment with the race sanction number.

  • You may enable or disable classes on a per-segment basis as appropriate for your race event.
  • You may map race classes to race groups to automatically place racers in the correct race group based on the class they register for. The mappings can vary by segment.
  • If your event uses the Permanent Number Manager, choose a number pool for the segments as well.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - Generally, a double race event has a relatively short list of packages. At a minimum, you will need an Race Entry package for each race, each with an associated inventory item. It's common to have a "both races" package as well, often with a minimal discount associated with it. You may opt for additional variants of these packages to handle non-member pricing, early bird pricing, etc.
    • If you have classes that require a special "compliance fee" (for example, Spec Miata or Spec Racer Ford), you can create a Compliance Fee package. You may place a Validation Rule on an assigner to force the purchase of a specific package based on which class is chosen.
    • Since people have a surprising propensity to attempt to sign up for multiple options when only one is appropriate (i.e. Saturday Race and Both Races), you should put your available packages in a Group.
  • Event Questions - You may add question for any specific information you wish to collect during registration. T-shirt size, lunch choice, etc. are all candidates for event questions.
  • Assigners - You will need an assigner for each race entry that requests car/class/group/number information. Each assigner should be nested under the appropriate entry package. It's often easiest to create a specific assigner for multi-day entry packages that creates assignments in multiple segments - this prevents multi-day registrants from having to enter car information more than once.
  • Date Constraints - Date constraints may be added to items on the Form Layout to enable early bird discounts, late fees, etc. as appropriate.