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Discount Codes provides a facility for generating discount codes that can be redeemed at the time of registration for arbitrary dollar or percentage discounts on event fees. While these codes were intended for marketing purposes, many clubs find it convenient to use codes to accommodate staff or volunteers who are due some kind of discounted or free event entry - instead of needing to register these people by hand, codes can be created and handed out so that the staff can register themselves.


The discount code feature provides a wide variety of options when creating codes.

The code options work as follows:

  • Code: this is the actual code you hand out to people
  • Amount: the amount of discount afforded by the code. This can be either an arbitrary dollar amount or a percentage off, determined by how the pop-up is set.
  • Description: a brief description of what the code is for
  • Event: allows the code to be restricted to a specific event. At this time, a discount code may only be restricted to a single event. If you want to restrict it to a range of events, consider using either a date range or multiple discount codes to cover the events in question.
  • Quantity: the number of unique participants who can redeem this code before it becomes unavailable (0 = unlimited).
  • Per-Member: the number of times that a single person can redeem this code (0 = unlimited). In contrast to the Quantity field above, this effectively limits at how many events a participant can use the same discount code. If a member redeems the code at three events, that would count as three against the quantity available (if not set to 0).
  • Order Minimum: the minimum amount people must spend in order to redeem this discount code. This is useful for restricting discounts to full registrations or big ticket items.
  • Max Discount: for percentage-based discounts, the maximum amount that someone can save by redeeming this code. If the percentage is 10% and the max discount is $25, registrations over $250 would be capped at a $25 discount.
  • Valid: an expiration date or date range that determines when the code is valid

Redeeming Codes

Codes can be redeemed from the payment page. Entering a code and clicking update will recalculate the total appropriately.

Discount codes require intervention by the attendee - they are not applied automatically.

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