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Common Pitfalls for Event Setup

We set up and review lots of events and recommend you check this list of common setup problems before making your event visible. Doing so now will help you avoid frustration and extra work later!

  1. Start right with Segments - Either too few or too many segments can cause a lot of headaches later on when it comes time to reporting. Segments help answer common questions raised by organizers such how do I know who is coming on Saturday vs. Sunday? Why do I have multiple entries for each attendee?
  2. Visibility settings are incorrect - If your event uses member types for driver/attendee and instructor/staff, check (and re-check!) your form layout to make sure they are visible to the correct type(s).
  3. Incorrect early/late pricing options - For any packages that use early bird or late registration pricing, check the date entries to confirm that the right price displays for each date range.
  4. Caption entries are not self-explanatory - Most form elements have a description field that is displayed to registrants in a lighter font color as help. The text for each should be intuitive and geared towards the correct audience.
  5. Missing Assignments - Nearly every event wants every registration to have at least one assignment. To collect the needed vehicle, class, group, number and instructor on the registration form you need to use an Assigner. Drop one on your form layout and you'll be in business.
  6. Text and Waiver from Cloned Events - If you have cloned a previous event then it may have some information left over from that old event, such as incorrect dates, prices, or other information. Be sure to check all of the text and waiver for inaccuracies.
  7. Linking Packages to Inventory - in many cases (like single-day or single-activity events) you may have a 1-1 relationship between packages and inventory. Sometimes organizers check too many inventory boxes for a given package and this skews dashboard and report counts. See more here.
  8. Pay close attention to bright red text! - Once live, there are many cues around the system when things may be amiss. For example, on the Attendee list, a red "Empty" indicates that either a package or an assignment is missing which generally indicates a configuration problem with the event or a manually entered registration left incomplete.

Testing Your Event

The best way to catch problems is by testing your event before it opens to the public. This will help guarantee that everything looks right and behaves as you desire.

  • Preview your event - in the Form Builder you can preview (and submit) the registration form as it will appear to your members. You can also use the Preview tab to see all of the steps of the registration flow, exactly as they will appear.
  • Run a test registration - Although the preview makes test registrations largely unnecessary, you can use your Direct Link to find the first step of your registration process (even if the event is not visible) from which point you can click through like normal.
  • Check the fees - As you test your form, be sure that the packages and event questions that display are the ones you expected to see for that type. If you have separate packages for Drivers and Instructors, for example, be sure that you see the correct pricing for each type.
  • Run a sample report of the data that you need to collect to ensure that your event setup includes or collects the fields and information from your registrants that you will need to report on later. In particular, look at the Attendees+Assignments reports as those give the widest view of your event data and will highlight missing details.