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Co-Driver Picker

Co-Driver Pickers are a Premium Plan feature that allow participants to share vehicles and form teams. Placing a Co-Driver Picker on your registration form will allow one attendee to pick another to indicate they will be working together. It's not limited just to driving events; it's helpful for any event where you want to link two attendees.

Most commonly this is used to indicate two or more people sharing one vehicle. Autocross and HPDE events may want this information to be sure drivers are in the same or different run groups (e.g., two people can't drive/ride simultaneously) while endurance races may want to know who will be co-driving over the course of a long race. Rally events use this to connect Driver and Navigator.


Like Assigners, Co-Driver Pickers let you select which Segments permit vehicle sharing. For each segment selected, the registration form will display one dropdown field allowing the attendee to select an existing Assignments (not Attendee) from another driver. The end result is one assignment with two or more attendees.

Because subsequent attendees select from a list of existing assignments, the primary attendee must complete their registration before they will be selectable for sharing. Attendees who perform multiple registrations on behalf of other people (friends, spouses, children, renters, etc.) will have to finalize the primary registration first.

Co-Driver Pickers may be optional or required.

Adding or Editing Co-Driver Pickers

Co-Driver Pickers are added by clicking the wrench at the top of the Parts Bin and choosing Add New, Co-Driver Picker. The following form will be presented in the edit pane:

The Co-Driver Picker has a label which acts as a title and optional help text you can use to provide direction or incentive for your participants.

Once saved, the Co-Driver Picker must be dragged from the parts bin onto the form layout. See our form builder video for a live demonstration.

Common Example

In many cases, a co-driver or second driver in a car pays a different rate than the primary driver. Here you would add two Packages to your form. The Co-Driver option may even be $0. Nested under the primary driver package, place an Assigner to collect vehicle, class, number and so forth. Under the co-driver package, place a Co-Driver Picker to let the co-driver indicate who they will be running with.

Administrative View

When a Co-Driver Picker is used, as an administrator you will see fields filled in on the Registration screen. See more under Attendee.

If you edit the assignments, you can add a co-driver manually.

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