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Club Questions provides two methods of collecting arbitrary information from registrants. For information that is event-specific, Event Questions can be placed on the Registration Form. For information that is club-specific, and tends not to vary from event to event, Club Questions are the recommended solution.


Club Questions effectively extend the user profile in an organization-specific way, allowing the collection of information when a user adds the club to their profile or registers for an event for the first time.

In this example, the first four rows are for default information and all subsequent rows are Club Questions. During the event registration process, Club Questions will be asked when a registrant signs up for a club event for the first time as well as every 90 days thereafter.

Various options are available when creating club questions, including the ability to show/hide questions, set the ability for registrations to edit questions, etc.

In addition to the question itself, organizers may provide a shorter "header" value that will be used in administrative screens and reports to reduce column widths. It defaults to the same value as the question.

There is also the ability to limit the length of a text answer and, tied to our customizable member types, checkboxes to restrict which questions members and participants can see and edit. Regular expression matching, for advanced users, is also available.


Common examples of information better suited to being a Club Question (non-event specific) as opposed to a Custom Question (event-specific) are:

  • License level or number
  • Occupation
  • T-shirt size
  • Insurance carrier

None of these items changes from event to event, so there is no need to place it on the order form.

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