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Classes are a set of arbitrary buckets that can be used to divide registrants into categories. In a competitive environment, classes tend to be race classes. In a driving school or lapping environment, they are usually run groups. Classes can, in almost all instances, be used interchangeable with groups or they can be used in combination with groups (and even have classes mapped to groups so that the group is set automatically depending on which class is chosen)).

Combine classes with class modifiers to further break down your class structure (common for Solo/Autocross events).


A class definition has two components:

  • Abbreviation: the short name for the class, which is displayed on administrative screens
  • Long Name: the long description for the class, which is displayed to registrants.

In addition to regular classes, Solo/Autocross groups may wish to include indexed classes (which are a way of equalizing disparate cars through mathematical formulas). Some examples might include "Pro", "Ladies" or "Street Tire":

You may have as many classes defined for your club as you wish. Classes may be enabled or disabled on a per-segment basis so classes that are not appropriate for a given event or portion of an event cannot be selected by a registrant.