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Class Modifiers

Class modifiers are designed to support options such as PAX indexing in SCCA-style Autocross. The class modifier is a secondary designation that is appended to the class in certain reports (such as timing & scoring) and can be used to provide additional class granularity.


The only classes that should appear in this list are those that have a multiplier associated with them. E.g., from the link above, SS has a multiplier of 0.859 so it should be in the list of Class Modifiers.

The actual indexed class that people enter, such as "Pro", "Novice", "Street Tire" or others, should be listed as a Class.

When output to timing and scoring, these fields are often concatenated together so they will appear something like "PAS" for "Pro/A-Stock".

Club Racing

SCCA Club Racing regions also use Class Modifiers to identify racers in "Rationals" which combine Regional and National racers on track at the same time. Using Class Modifiers allows entrants to indicate the event they elect to earn points.

Most organizations do not have a need for an additional field and can safely ignore this altogether.


Class modifier definitions are simple and are composed of two parts:

  • Modifier: the short name viewed by administrators and exported for T&S
  • Long Name: a longer description which is displayed to the registrant

For Solo/Autocross groups running SCCA rules, a copy of the 60+ core SCCA classes is generally desired. You would add indexed classes (such as "Pro", "Ladies", "Street Tire", etc) as normal Classes and not to the Class Modifiers list.

You may have as many class modifiers/PAX defined as you wish. Modifiers may be enabled or disabled on a per-segment basis so modifiers that are not appropriate for a given event or portion of an event cannot be selected by a registrant.

We have several validation rules available to limit which class and modifier combinations are allowed.

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