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Calendar Events

When we create, one of our frustrations was having to click all over the Internet in order to find a comprehensive calendar of events. That's why any organization can list, free of charge, a basic calendar listing on the calendar:

Basic calendar listings

Adding or Editing Listings

These simple listings support a price and basic 500-character description of the event. No HTML is permitted:

Basic calendar listing fields

These entries get into the system in one of two ways:

  1. Someone uses our suggest form which puts the submitted event into a moderation queue (requires no account)
  2. An administrator adds, updates or deletes an event (requires an account)

Occasionally customers who use us for registration will use a calendar entry as a placeholder for an event later in the year or for an event whose registration is hosted elsewhere.

Once events are open for registration, the calendar editor link can be found at on the events list via a link at the bottom of the page. You can directly access it here.

Adding Your Organization

If your organization would like to list events, please contact us.

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