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Basic Settings

Like the training video says, these are the big knobs that you can tweak for your event. They also represent the primary information that must be changed after cloning a well-configured event.

The controls on this page are straightforward but below we provide extra detail about the more interesting options. This page also includes the Direct Link in the right column.


  1. Using the Event Visible flag
  2. Event dates vs. Registration dates
  3. Default Attendee Status
  4. Hashtag / Permalink
  5. Allowing attendees to edit their registrations
  6. Overriding registrar
  7. Cancellation Policy
  8. Payment options
  9. Invite only / approved members events

Event Visible flag

By default, a new or freshly-cloned event will default to not visible. This controls whether the event will show up or not in the master calendar. While you are configuring your event, we recommend you leave this to no until you are ready to go live.

Even when hidden, the direct link to the event will work! If registration would otherwise be open, you may distribute the direct link to anyone letting them access it. This is useful for review by other organizers or when conducting small tests. It can also be used for restricted events.

Set Your Event Live

Play this video - Watch a short screen cast of the steps to set your event live.
Watch a short screen cast of the steps to set your event live.

Event dates vs. Registration dates

Whether or not the event is visible on the calendar is determined by the event visible flag.

Whether or not registration is open is determined by the registration open/close dates and times (relative to your timezone).

For a participant to register they must:

  1. Find the event (via the calendar or by receiving the direct link)
  2. Arrive between the registration open and close date
  3. Registration must not be suspended
  4. Member status must not be set to blacklisted
  5. If the event is invite only, member status must be approved

Because you can set registration to open and close any time you like, we recommend creating stubs for your events early on in the year even if you don't wish to open registration until much later. By making the event visible with basic information in the Text and Waiver, potential attendees can see and plan for your events.

Visible on the calendar ensures the events will also be included in our monthly calendar email.

Default Attendee Status

We recommend using our attendee status and workflow to move people from New to Confirmed (or On Hold, Canceled, Declined, etc. as appropriate). If your events do not require any review or verification prior to confirming an attendee, set your default attendee status to "Confirmed".

Organizers with unique acceptance processes may use "On Hold" or "Waitlist" for new registrations.

Hashtag / Permalink

For premium plan customers, a URL shortening service and social media hashtag is available to improve your marketing and word-of-mouth advertising. See Hashtag for more information.

Allowing attendees to self-edit

If you are a registrar who would rather not make post-registration changes, you may enable the attendee to self-service and make their own changes. This is usually the case for competitive events like club or pro racing, autocross, rallycross or any event where the participant is responsible for selecting the correct entry information like vehicle, class, number and so forth.

Updating a registration as an attendee

Most educational programs like driver schools and car control clinics require participants to contact the registrar who may or may not make changes on their behalf.

There are certain circumstances where an attendee may not be able to edit everything about their registration but these are rare. In those cases, the registrar will need to make changes on their behalf.

Overriding Registrar

By default, the registrar name and email address is pulled from the general Club and Contact Info. Email notification preferences are set under Account Options. Both of these can be overridden on a per-event basis by selecting someone else from your database in the drop down.

Cancellation Policy

For processing payments in real time, we recommend at minimum a 5% cancellation fee which would cover your costs if you choose to take advantage of our refunds feature which sends money back to the original account electronically.

Payment Options

For Premium plan customers, each event offers customizable controls for payment ranging from not accepted to required. See more details about our payment options.

Invite only events

This option is used primarily for the following scenarios:

  • Driver shootouts or championship events
  • Groups who require pre-approval to participate
  • Groups who must verify credentials before allowing registration

Checking the box will only allow registrations for profiles with the member status set to Approved.

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