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Attendee List

What could be more critical than a list of your attendees? Incorporated in this registration list are key pieces of data and warning flags for the organizer to help stay on top of the event.

For events with lots of entries, the search box at the top may be faster than scrolling through your alphabetically-arranged list. The search will find a match on a first or last name or email address and only requires a partial match. "Bri" will match for "Brian". If more than one match is found, the list will be presented.

The columns in the table left to right are:

  • Checkbox - checking one or more boxes will permit batch changes to attendee status
  • Icon - small graphic represents the current status of the registration as explained here.
  • Name - click the attendee name to view the registration
  • Reg'd- the registration date
  • Updated - not shown in this screenshot; if post-registration editing is enabled, the last edit date will be displayed here if it is different from the initial registration date.
  • Mem # - The membership number, if one has been entered
  • $$$ - Paid status; red dollar signs in this column indicate the attendee has a balance due. For deferred payments, this will always be the case until the account is actually charged.
  • Pkg - If the registration has no packages, a red "Empty!" will appear. This cannot happen through a regular registration and indicates an admin-entered registration that is incomplete.
  • Assgn - Like the column above, a red "Empty!" in this column indicates the registration has no assignments. For all but the most simple RSVP form, this is undesirable as it means no vehicle, class, group, instructor or number information has been collected. This generally points to an event configuration problem (usually with assigners) and requires investigation.
  • Mem - Separate from the attendee status, the member profile status is checked for any unapproved members for organizations who manage membership status in MSR
  • 1st - Shows a "Yes" if this is the first time this person has participated with your organization in MSR. For your first event, all registrations will show Yes here.
  • 911 - Despite our PCA customers believing they know what this field is for, it does NOT mean you drive a Carrera. Rather, this field indicates with a "No" if the emergency contact information on this profile is empty. We require this information at time of registration so generally only an admin-entered registration will be missing it. We feel this is critical information for a safely run event so we flag it here.

Unlike our reports, the content of this list is fixed and cannot be customized.


The table of attendees may be sorted by clicking any of the green headers. You can sort on more than one field by holding down Shift while clicking multiple headers.

New Registrations Sort First

New registrations (see attendee status for more detail) are always at the top of this list sorted alphabetically by last name. The remaining active statuses (such as confirmed, checked in, waitlist, etc) follow below.

Inactive Registrations Sort Last

Registrations marked by a red X which include Canceled, Declined and Deleted always sort at the bottom keeping them out of your way during day-to-day operations. The search box at the top will always find them if you don't see them in the list.

Changing Attendee Status

Checking the boxes at the beginning of each line allows a batch change in registration status. Simply check the appropriate boxes, the status at the bottom of the page and then submit them as a group.

The highlighting and warning reminds you to double-check what you're about to do. Sharp-eyed users will notice that one status, Deleted, is not available in the status drop down. This is because one customer deleted half of their registrations the Friday before an event and we decided to make it harder to shoot yourself in the foot. :)

Tip! A favorite trick of ours is to use tabbed browsing (available in most current browsers) to open new tabs from the attendee list. Usually you can hold down Ctrl and click the name and it will open the registration in a new tab. As you review each registration and close the tab, you can check the box as appropriate and then confirm the registrations as a group using the form on the attendee list.

Add Attendee Manually

Organizers can add attendees at any time including before and after general registration is open. We have many competitive event organizers who access from their venue using local Internet or an air card like those offered by Sprint and Verizon in order to handle at-the-track registrations and payments. See how to add an attendee.

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