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Attendee Status

Attendee Statuses are one of our two Workflow Statuses that can help staff track the progress of a registration through to confirmation. While updating attendee status is completely optional, integration with reports and the email blaster make it worthy of consideration. We recommend for all but the simplest events to at least move accepted entries to Confirmed.

There are two statuses in our system: Attendee status (per event) and Member status (across all events). Generally, green is good, yellow means it might need your attention and red means the person is no longer relevant.


  1. New registrations have special treatment:
    1. Display on the Dashboard under "New Registrations"
    2. Sort at the top of the Attendee List
  2. Waitlist and Waitlist New registrations appear in the waitlist manager
  3. Canceled registrations appear in the Refunds and Credits tool. When attendee cancels, the registrar is emailed a notification. If they have no email or incorrect email, the notification will be sent to Club's main contact.
  4. No Show and Declined do not technically do anything but they are useful in helping you remember down the road what happened with a given registration. While an individual registrar may know who the problem people are, these statuses help document such cases.
  5. Attendee status is a filter for Reports and Email Blaster

Default Status

On the Basic Settings screen, you may choose the default attendee status for your registrations. Normally this is "New" but you can choose an alternative. If your registrations do not require any review or verification prior to acceptance (common for competitive events like Races or Autocross), you might set the default status to be "Confirmed".

Attendee Status Graphics

Confirmed. Someone has reviewed and confirmed this registration. Uses the small green check in small form:
Checked In. Indicates attendee has checked in at the event. Uses the green check in small form:
New. Every registration defaults to new to await your review. Uses the yellow star in small form:
Waitlist Confirmed. Same as confirmed but this registration is on the waitlist. Uses the green hourglass in small form:
On Hold. There is some question about their registration or you are waiting for additional information before confirming them. Uses the yellow question mark in small form:
Waitlist New. Same as new but for when the person has been automatically placed on the waitlist and is awaiting your review. Uses the yellow hourglass in small form:
Cancelled. This person cancelled their registration. Uses the red X in small form:
No Show. This person did not show up and did not cancel in advance. Helps to identify difficult registrants and in applying refund policies. Also uses the red X in small form:
Declined. This person is not welcome at your event. Also uses the red X in small form:
Deleted. This person has been removed from your event. Also uses the red X in small form:

Note that these graphics may be similar to, but are different from member status which does not change from event to event.

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