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Attendee List

The attendee list feature lets you customize who and what your attendees can see about fellow participants.


Events flagged as club race, autocross or rallycross have a slightly different format that caters to competitive events. This formatting is automatic and requires no action on your part beyond selecting the right event type.

The assignments displayed on the attendee list are also available through our API for developers to integrate into your own website.


  1. Where does this appear?
  2. Disabling the list
  3. Customizing the information
  4. Controlling who can see the list

Where does this appear?

The attendee list link can be found in several places:

  1. Top right of the Advertisement and Pre-Reg Requirements screens
  2. On attendee dashboard after registering
  3. In email confirmation after registering

The link takes the format of:{YOUR-EVENT-ID}

Disabling the list

Attendee list options

To completely disable the attendee list, uncheck all of the registration statuses at the top of the page. You may wish to indicate in the status message that you have disabled it to avoid confusion.

Customizing the Information

By default, the attendee list shows first initial and last name and hometown. You may optionally include other details including vehicle, class, group and number by checking the box.

Attendee list with additional fields displayed

We allow you to tailor this information on a per-segment basis. In some cases you may not wish to show the same information across all segments. For example, club races that also collect worker registrations will not want to show a vehicle and number for workers, who do not provide that information. Combined races and driver schools may not wish to show numbers or class for the driving school students but include that information for the racers. It is up to you what is displayed.

Controlling who can see the list

You have a total of three possibilities for the attendee list:

  1. Display nothing (see above)
  2. Display only to registered attendees who are logged in
  3. Display to the general Internet

Attendee list options

With at least one attendee status enabled, the check box "Make visible to the public Internet?" controls the difference between choices 2 and 3.

We generally recommend enabling this option as it encourages signups when people can see either their friends or competitors are registered. In certain circumstances, privacy concerns may override this marketing bonus.

Why aren't my attendees showing up on the list?

The most common reason for an attendee (or group of attendees) not to show up on an attendee list is that they are missing an assignment. A quick check of the Attendees screen will show a red Empty! in the Assgn column for any attendees without an assignment.

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