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Attendee Copy

If an attendee needs to reschedule a registration or registers for the wrong event, you can use the copy feature to quickly migrate their data to another event.

This can also be used to support season subscriptions. If the attendee signs up for an entire season, their registration can be quickly copied to all subsequent events for the year. They can also be copied to a subset of future events as well.

To move a registration, first copy and then cancel (or delete) the original registration. Remember that you can't remove a registration with a payment attached but you can set the status to deleted.


Copying a registration starts by finding the attendee you want to duplicate or move. Click the "Copy" link to the right of their name near the top of the screen:

The next screen will let you select which future events to copy the registration. Because each event can be configured differently and not all current options may exist in the selected future events, the final step is to choose what should be copied:

We attempt to auto-match all of the questions, packages and assignments. If we can't figure it out for you, we leave it to you to connect the dots. In the sample above, the future event did not offer a lunch option so we left the box unchecked meaning it won't be copied to this particular event.

Note that this does not move payments. It only moves the registration. To roll a payment forward, use the offline payment tool to enter a credit with a note. If the balance is less than the attendee originally paid, you can provide a credit on their account for a future event or partially refund their original registration.

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