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How do I register someone else?

Do you need to register family, friends or team members? If so, you can create and register additional profiles (Click here for more examples).)

While Registering

In the process of registering for an event, it's possible to add more attendees into a "shopping cart". When you Preview your registration, the following screen will have a summary of your selections with a sub-total and (optionally), a payment form.

This screen also includes buttons for:

  • Add another attendee to this event
  • Register yourself for another event ("Add more events")

The first option will let you register another profile, or create one and then register them for the event.

If You've Already Registered

If you have already registered, you can get started by click on the “Dashboard” tab. Then:

  • Click on the Register someone else link (to the far right of the event)
  • Click on the Name of the person you want to register
  • Continue through the registration process just as you would to register yourself
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