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The combination of attendee, vehicle, class, group, number and instructor is known as an assignment. Each attendee can have any number of assignments and they compose the entry list for most events.

While visible on a per-registration basis, they can also be viewed and edited in batch using our Assignment tools. This saves significant time over editing registrations one-by-one. We'll begin with the complete listing:

The columns in the table will change based upon your profile settings. This organization has classes but no groups so only the class column is displayed.

This table can be sorted by clicking any of the green headers. You can sort on more than one column by holding down shift and clicking additional headers.

The table will then reflect the changes you've made as in this example sorting by Segment:

Clicking any name will take you to that registration. Selecting a link from the left menu will let you make batch changes to assignments.

Assign Numbers

Our number assignment tool, in the left menu, helps identify and resolve number disputes either with or without permanent numbers. It can also arbitrarily assign a sequence of numbers which is commonly used by educational programs like driving schools.

See Assign Numbers.

Assign Classes or Groups

Many organizations assign the classes and/or groups for their attendees. This tool allows making these changes across the entire entry list for quick and painless updates. This can be combined with a second browser window that lets the organizer look at log book entries to help assess where a participant may belong.

Competitive organizations typically allow attendees to select their own classes and groups at time of registration but may still make batch changes in the event that a class is moved from one group to another (often due to attendance issues).

See Assign Classes and Groups.

Assign Instructors

Educational programs like driving schools which handle instructor registration online may also assign those instructors to students. Some organizations prefer to handle this instructor-student pairing at the event while others use our tool to make assignments in advance of the event.

The tool supports assigning by class or group and helps prevent over and underbooking of instructors as well as in making sure each student has an instructor assigned.

See Assign Instructors.

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