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Abandoned Registration Emails

It is common for a prospective attendee to go as far as looking at the registration form for an event but fail to complete their registration. These incomplete registrations happen for many reasons:

  • Need to check with friends or family on timing
  • Questions about requirements, rules, pricing, etc.
  • Must unexpectedly leave computer
  • Internet connection times out
  • Tab/browser accidentally crashes/closes
  • Decides not to register/attend event

With the exception of the last reason, we can rescue a large portion of the people who abandon registration by reaching out to them and finding what needs to happen to get them into your event.

We ran a pilot project in July 2013 sending a simple, plain-text email to a percentage of people who reached the registration form but abandoned their registration. A large majority of the recipients responded, many of them delighted by receiving a proactive note, and let us know what happened. A significant number of respondents said they had experienced one of the above issues and would return to register for the event.

The net effect was a lift in attendance by following up with people expressing interest or on the fence.

As of August 2013, this feature is now active for all Premium Plan customers.

Who Receives It?

We send the email to anyone who views a registration form but does not finish registering within three days. Viewing the advertisement or requirements screens does not trigger the email.


Originally the emails were sent from the event registrar but customer feedback indicated they preferred it to come from us so emails are currently sent "from" We include the name and email address of the registrar in case they have follow-up questions about the event.

User Feedback

High-touch customer service is part of our culture and that extends beyond our customers to our customer's customers. Service that delights is just one way we help you be more successful. Here are a sample of actual responses we have received to the email:

"Thank you so much for following up on my registration. I decided to watch the next event and then enter the final one." "Thanks for the concern. I was pleasantly surprised by the email. We have signed up and look forward to a great time." "Oh no wonder I didn't get registered. I thought I had completed it. Thanks for letting me know."
"I started to register but need more information about my car so didn't finish..." "I thought I had registered. Had no idea that it had not completed, so thanks for the follow up." "Thank you for your concern, excellent customer service. Unfortunately our class will not be racing..."
"Brian, Thanks for the note. It is very special for you to take time to write and most of all to notice my partial registration..." "Sorry I have been meaning to get signed up I just got busy. I do plan on registering and will try to do so today. " "So I got sidetracked and by the time I went to try and register you were all full up. I'm on the waiting list..."
"Thanks for the prompt on this. I got interrupted while attempting to register, and never got back to it. I went in and completed the registration" "Thanks for noticing and caring. I stopped because I had to check with my son about lunch plans since he is also attending..." "Wow! Thanks for checking. I was just looking at the info but will probably sign up today. If I have any problems I'll let you know."

Email Copy

The email copy is a simple message in a friendly voice and helpful tone:

Hi {First Name}!
I noticed you started to register for our {Event name} event at {Venue Name} but didn't finish.
Did you run into problems, change your mind or were you just looking around? If you want to get signed up, you can register here:
If you have a question for the organizer, you can email {Registrar Name} at {Registrar Email}. If there's anything I can do to help you get out and have some fun, let me know!

Tracking with Google Analytics

Organizations using our Google Analytics integration will be able to track how many clicks are generated from this email using the following parameters:

  • Medium = email
  • Source = motorsportreg
  • Content = the name of your event
  • Campaign = AbandonedReg
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