Sat, Jun 25, 2016

WOR SCCA BBQ at the Park

Taylorsville MetroPark

About this event

Come enjoy Smokey Bones BBQ, good food, drinks, sports activities, cornhole and hanging out with your racing friends from the WOR SCCA at Taylorsville MetroPark. There is a volleyball net, sports equipment, parking, bathrooms and nearby are nature trails.

Event requirements

What is Allowed (See further details below)

  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Sports equipment and games
  • Lawn chairs
  • Music

What is NOT Allowed (See further details below)

  • Glass beverage containers
  • Kegs
  • Hard liquor
  • Propane gas

By continuing, you agree to the following:

  • Behavior – You are responsible for your behavior, as well as ay guest’s you invited. Inappropriate and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave the shelter by the permit holder and the park my MetroPark staff. You will be held liable for any repercussions resulting from such behavior.
  • Damages - You will be held liable for any damage caused to the Five Rivers MetroParks permitted shelter found to beyond normal wear and tear. Five Rivers MetroParks will assess the damage and levy appropriate fines pursuant to Five Rivers MetroParks' Rules and Regulations and you will be responsible.
  • Alcohol - Consumption and possession is permitted within the assigned shelter ONLY by adults of legal age according to the laws of the State of Ohio. Only alcohol in non-glass containers is permitted. To roam with alcoholic beverages throughout the park and trails is prohibited. Beer and wine are permitted. Kegs and “hard liquor” (proof 80 or higher) are not permitted.
  • Minors - Supervision of minors is required at all times.
  • Noise - Radios, TVs, musical instrument or other amplifying or sound equipment, may not be operated unless it does not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the park by any others.
  • Natural Features - Guests must not disturb the natural areas; do not collect plant or animal materials, living or dead.
  • Pets - Must be on a leash no longer than eight (8) feet or suitably caged. You are responsible for cleaning-up up after your pet(s).


Attendees (18)

Tyler Mann
Patrick Thomas
Myke Dziengel
Jo Dziengel
Stephanie Larson
Tom Mills
Lori Rensing
Josh Brown

Taylorsville MetroPark

Vandalia, OH
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Download track map


Festival/Social organized by

SCCA - Western Ohio Region

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