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Wichita TRSS Volunteers

Hutchinson Naval Air Station

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Please take a moment to register as a volunteer for Tire Rack Street Survival in Yoder on October 6th 2018

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Last year over 5000 teenagers died in motor vehicle crashes. Nearly half of these fatalities involved a single vehicle.


Tire Rack Street Survival is a non-profit driver education program designed to teach kids the skills they need to stay alive behind the wheel. The primary focus is a hands-on driving experience in real-world situations. Students will use their own car to learn about its handling limits and how to control it within those limits.


The Tire Rack Street Survival school for the Wichita area will take place Saturday October 6th, 2018 in Yoder, KS. Students will learn about driving safety both in a classroom and in their cars, with the course designed to demonstrate to students why their decisions and actions matter on the road. They will gain an understanding of how to handle their car in extreme situations, the importance of wearing seatbelts, and hands-on experience with the dangers of distracted driving.


Trained coaches will provide one-on-one instruction to students. Registration is capped at 20 students, so take a minute to register your teenage driver online today. For $95 and a single day in Yoder, you can help save at least one teenager’s life.


For more information, watch this video about Tire Rack Street Survival and visit the Tire Rack Street Survival website here.


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Hutchinson Naval Air Station

Hutchinson, KS
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