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Fri, Jul 10 - Sat, Jul 11, 2020

White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix

Club Motorsports

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White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix at Club Motorsports

Friday and Saturday, July 10-11, Tamworth, New Hampshire

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On Friday and Saturday, July 10-11 the VSCCA will host the 3rd White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix.  Our format will be the same as we have for the Spring Sprints and Fall Finale, where we alternate every other hour with Club Motorsports.  So, there should be plenty of track time for what will likely be our typical two run groups.  In 2019 there were four sessions per day for each group.

  • 15 turns over 2.5 miles with an elevation change of 250 feet. It’s over 40 feet wide with a mix of long straightaways and left and right turns both uphill and downhill.  Fast corners, slowish corners, increasing and decreasing radius – it has it all.
  • Eligibility is open to VSCCA cars and Club guests with VSCCA-type cars and small bore cars with largely stock bodies made up to 1970 (or of that type, a ’73 Alfa GTV is acceptable, for example) and running on treaded tires.
  • This is a muffled event – 90 dB limit.
  • The track is just a few miles west of Ossipee, NH, off of route 16.
  • Motorhomes are acceptable to stay in at the track, however, there is no camping – i.e. – tents.  You can camp in an enclosed trailer.


The track is just a few miles west of Ossipee, NH, off of route 16.  The White Mountain area is a popular summer destination. There is plenty of lodging but I suggest you book early.  The track’s suggestions are below.  There is an abundance of lodging within a 15-20 mile radius.


For more information please contact:  Mark O’Day at or 603-580-5827.

Event Entry:

  • Regular two-day entry for VSCCA members: $475 
  • Regular two-day enttry for non-VSCCA members: $525
  • Regular one-day entryfor VSCCA members: $250
  • Reguarl one-day entry for non-VSCCA members: $275


NOTE: Non VSCCA member entry rates are $50 higher however you can get a credit of up to $100 towards your first year of membership by entering two VSCCA track events in the same year.

If you have not used before please click here for video instructions on how to set up an account: New MSR account set up

If you have a account but have not used it for a vscca event please click here for a video:  Existing MSR accounts for VSCCA

For payment by check, please make your check out to VSCCA, Inc. The remittance address will be found by clicking on the “Event Chair Contact Info” for this event on


Event requirements

White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix at Club Motorsports

  • Entrants must be an approved driver of the VSCCA or have a current unemcumbered (not on suspension) VMC license issued by a VMC organization (VRG, VARAC, etc.)
  • Entrants must have a current medical.
  • Cars entered must have a VSCCA log book OR have a log book from another VMC organization and be  eligible for the event.  See next point. 
  • For this event eligibility is opened up to the following:  Cars built up to 1970 (or continuation of cars built up to 1970 such as an ’73 Alfa GTV) that arearte no more than six-cylineder, orginal body configuration (excepting bumpers, and windshields on roadsters), original track, etc.  Also cars will be considered on one-off basis that are in keeping with the grids – a Ginetta G12 is an example.
  • If a car that is entered without a VSCCA logbook and is not in keeping with VSCCA regulations the car will be allowed to run this event.   However, the entrant will be advised that to enter future VSCCA events certain aspects of their car may need to be brought into compliance.
  • VSCCA rules require treaded tires. Cars with slicks will not be allowed to run in this event.  To see the VSCCA tire rules please go to (link to VSCCA tire rules)
  • This is a muffled event. 
  • If you have questions about your or your car’s eligibility please contact the Event Chair Mark O’Day at

Entries (48)

Joshua Mitchell
Lloyd Dahmen
J.R. Mitchell
Ross Hill
Andrew Male
Todd Hill
Bradley Price
Bob Cunningham

Club Motorsports

Tamworth, NH
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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