Thu, May 31 - Sun, Jun 3, 2018

Volunteer for 2018 Zone 1 Clash at The Glen

Watkins Glen Int'l

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There is no better way to help support Zone 1, than by volunteering for this year’s Clash at the Glen Club Race. Held at one of the best and most historic racetracks in the country, the Clash brings together club members for 3 days of fun and exciting racing, which you can be a part of. Volunteers are what enable us to put on one of the best club races in PCA. We encourage you, your family and friends to register as volunteers for this year’s Zone 1 Clash at the Glen Club Race.

Below are the areas and descriptions of where we need you to volunteer!

Registration: This takes place at the Registration
building, on the northwest corner of Watkins Glen,
outside of the track. Everyone must stop here and
get a wrist band to get into the track. Registration
involves ensuring everyone signs the waiver. This
is a very busy place Thursday afternoon and
Friday morning.

Garage Admin: This is the Administration of the race.
Driver registration, hot pit passes, pullovers, copies,
radios, race results from tower are faxed here for
copying and distribution. Volunteer assignments and
paperwork are also handled here and every volunteer
must sign in every day!  Very few positions on Thursday afternoon.

Tech Inspection: The job here involves working with
the National PCA Technical Scrutineers. Cars are
weighed, checked over for modifications, or problems.
This is done in the first bays of the garage.

Timing & Scoring: Although the race is timed and
scored with computers and in-car radio transponders,
a paper trail is also needed. Volunteers here write
down the car numbers as they pass the start/finish
line. This is done from the top of the tower where
you can see most of the track and you are inside.

Only one volunteer is required Friday - Sunday.

Grid: All the cars are "parked" along the grid prior to
the start. The person at the start of the grid tells the
drivers their grid number. People along the way
direct drivers into their grid position. This job starts
BEFORE the race; you need to be at the grid at least
15 minutes before the start of racing! This position is
LOUD and you also need to be alert for moving cars.

Enduro pits Monitor: The job here involves working
for the National PCA Scrutineers to insure safety in
the pits during the enduro. The National Scrutineers
will hold a meeting and review what they want this
group to do. This group only works on Sunday.

The more sessions you signup for the better the reward.

• Work any three shifts and receive a Zone 1 Club Race sweatshirt.

• Work Thursday afternoon and receive a free ticket to dinner Thursday night.

• Work both sessions on Friday and receive a free ticket to dinner Friday night.

• Work both sessions on Saturday and receive a free ticket to dinner Saturday night.

• Work one session only on Sunday and receive a Zone 1 Club Race gift.

• Work both sessions on Sunday and receive a Zone 1 Gift Certificate and a Zone 1 Club Race gift.

Event requirements

We ask that volunteers sign up to work for a full morning or afternoon session.  The morning sessions run from 7:30 AM until 12:30 PM and the afternoon sessions run from 12:00 until 5:00 PM.

Entries (62)

Joyce Gladle
Chuck Gladle
L. David Zube
Bob Chevako
Joshua Ashby
Bettye Tremper
Bill Bragg
Judith Anticola

Watkins Glen Int'l

Watkins Glen, NY
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