Sun, Jun 13, 2021

VMSC Autoslalom 2021 - Summer Series #1

Western Speedway

About this event

Welcome to the 2021 Victoria Motor Sports Club Autoslalom season.  Please read this entry carefully as we have new rules and protocols.  

We are pleased to be able to host this event during what has been a difficult time for many.  There are new rules and protocols we all need to follow so please bear with us.  There is a self-tech sheet that will need to be filled out for each event.  It also includes a link to the General Waiver that you usually sign. This self-tech/waiver form will need to be filled out, printed and signed before you enter the track and will be collected from you at the gate.   

This event is held at Westshore Motorsport Park, 2207 Millstream Road, Victoria BC.



1430 – 1445 Competitors access to track and pit area keeping 3-metre spacing between cars in the pits. Competitors will show their driver's license and turn in their Self Tech/Waiver form as they enter the track.  

1445 – 1520 Course open for walking

1520-1530 Driver’s meeting

1530 First car on track.

1900 Last run group on track. Actual time may vary.


Only VMSC members can register for this event.  What does this mean?  You must purchase a membership to register for this event and there is no day of registration.  No minors under 19 can enter or person's not having at least an N licence as there are no guests allowed to keep us within the COVID number limit of 45.  All registrants will be waitlisted so that the executive can review who is attending.  You will not be charged for a new membership or this event until you are confirmed.  You will get an email once you are confirmed.  

Please have your self tech sheet ready and properly filled out before the event.  Again, even if you filled one out for a previous event, it needs to be done again as this is part of the waiver that needs to be acknowledged at each event.  All entrants are responsible for the correct classification of their car. Consult the SCCA SOLO rule book for classification. 

Self-Tech Waiver forms are available at (last year's form but still valid):

FEES: Members Only $40.00

Event requirements


Members only can register here on line, there is no day of registration. 

This event is capped at 45 cars and no guests allowed. Additionally, there will be no co-drives allowed except in the case of immediate family living in the same house.  There are no exceptions.  

We are running under 2018 CACC rules and cars are classified by 2021 SCCA Solo Rules.

Please have your self-tech/waiver sheet ready and properly filled out before the event. All entrants are responsible for the correct classification of their car.

Tech forms are available at:  (link says 2020 but still valid)

Members $40.00

There will be no use of the Club's loaner helmets.  If you cannot bring your own helmet please do not register.  
A CACC License is not required for club events.

All participants must fill out and sign the self tech / insurance waiver.
All drivers must present a valid driver's license.
No minors will be allowed to sign up. 
Helmets must bear a Snell 2010 or 2015 (M or SA) certification label.
Wheels/tires to be used during the event must be installed on the vehicle prior to inspection.
Please keep noise levels to a minimum and observe all posted speed limits when traveling to and from the track.
Westshore Motorsport Park regulations limit noise levels on all cars to 95 dB A. We have a sound level meter at all events to observe limits.
Current supplemental regulation are posted here:

VMSC is a volunteer organization. We organize these events so that we may participate as well. 

Entries (51)

Coralee Zueff
Paul Whitworth
Thomas Ahn
Paul Preston
Jane McConnell
Rick McConnell
Edward James Cooper
Garth Taylor

Western Speedway

Victoria, BC
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Watch a video tour/lap


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