Thu, Jun 10, 2021

UBCSCC Mission Lapping Day #1 Thursday June 10th

Mission Raceway

About this event

UBCSCC: 2021 Mission Raceway Trackday/Lapping Event June 10th

Date: Thursday, June 10th, 2021
Time: Gates open @ 7:00 am, morning check-in. Gates close at 7:50am
Drivers Meeting: 8:00 am Sharp

Location: Mission Raceways
 32670 Dyke Road, Mission BC

It's time to sign up for our first lapping event this summer.
Each event will be comprised of 3 run groups; A, B and C

Group A – Experienced drivers with track ready vehicles
Group B - Experienced drivers with slow cars OR fast cars with slow drivers
Group C – Average drivers with average cars

*Unfortunately due to COVID risks, we will not have a NOVICE run group* 

Early Bird: $240 (closes 2 weeks prior to registration close)
Regular Price: $260
Membership Required: Membership purchase is now included with your first event of the year. More information regarding our membership and pricing will be provided on our home page ( 

Registration Cap: 42
The event is capped at 42 registrations due to the Covid-19 situation. Please register for the waitlist on MSR if the event is full. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified when a spot becomes available. Please respond within 48 hours to ensure the spot is not passed on to the next eager participant.

Cancelations: No Refunds
Credit, however may be given if the spot is able to be filled with a replacement participant and the host is notified a MINIMUM of 14 days prior to the event.

BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up.

There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any burnouts, reckless driving, or loud stereos at any time. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately, and permanently, banned from local autocross clubs without warning.

Good luck from all of us in your UBCSCC Executive Team!

Event requirements

At this time passengers and spectators will NOT be allowed to participate in our events. Please look for an email sent to all drivers prior to the event to have the most up-to-date regulations regarding COVID-19 safety precautions.

UBCSCC is required to cancel any events due to COVID-19 or any other safety concerns, a full refund, credit, or alternate event will be given. If participant numbers are restricted for any reason, drivers will be selected based on their respective registration date. An update will be made as we get closer to the date.

Tentative Schedule
7:00 am - gates & tech open
7:50 am - tech closes
8:00 am - mandatory drivers meeting
8:30 am - on track sessions begin
4:00 pm - on track activities cease
4:30 pm - premises must be vacated
*The schedule is tentative and subject to change during the event.

Vehicle Requirements
Technical inspection shall be mandatory for all cars with special attention given to brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, and loose articles in the car. The responsibility to ensure that the cars and driver’s equipment complies with all regulations and is safe rests solely on the entrant and driver. The very act of presenting a car for any Technical Inspection is deemed to be an acceptance of this responsibility.
Convertibles: All soft top or hard top convertible vehicles are ineligible to participate unless they are equipped with adequate roll protection as specified in the CACC Lapping Rules and pass the "broomstick test".  Factory roll hoops do not count as pre-approved roll protection. The participant is required to prove their vehicle meets all requirements.

A complete technical inspection breakdown can be found in the CACC Lapping Rules
Tech check includes, but is not limited to:
-Brakes (min. 50% all around), pedal firm and not soft
-Steering components tight
-Suspension components nothing loose (Ball-joint, bushings)
-No leaking fluids
-Battery secure
-Throttle not sticking
-Remove all loose items in car
-Proper tires and tread depth
-Wheel nut/bolt torqued
-No major cracks in windscreen
-No loose body panels
-Seat belts working in factory condition; aftermarket harness FIA or SFI approved and not expired
-Coolant level adequate
-Door can be opened from both inside/outside
-Windshield wiper operating and working in good condition for the track (if rain is present)
-Fuel cap present and not leaking
-Exhaust note is within db limit for the track
-Driver: Helmet (minimum rating) and proper footwear (closed toe)

Sound Limit
Track noise limit is 95db measured from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

All drivers must wear a Snell M 2010 or Snell SA helmet when on track and any designated hot areas. Any car with a roll bar/ cage must use a Snell SA helmet (Snell M not allowed).

All UBCSCC time attack events are sanctioned by CACC and are held under CACC Lapping Rules.

Entries (47)

Jerry Ho
Manjit Gosal
Jason Cheng
Brian Dudra
Jack Zheng
Joel Lakey
Rui Peng
Daniel Reilly

Mission Raceway

Mission, BC
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