Sat, Jun 26, 2021

Rockingham Taste of SCDE Instructed Sessions

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

A taste of SCDE Instructed Sessions is an introduction to Short Course Drivers Education.  SCDE is a high-performance driving experience on smaller road course layouts that allow first-time and student drivers a way to learn and experience racecourse driving but in a setting that is safe for beginners and street cars.

Participants will have a 15-minute Classroom session and then drive their vehicle with an instructor for a 10-minute session. 

NO pace car to follow, go as fast as you can safely go as assessed and allowed by your instructor.  The better you follow directions, the faster you go.  This allows you to experience SCDE without paying for a full session.  Spaces are limited to 6 drivers per session and we will do FIVE 10 minute sessions. throughout the day.

Event requirements

Your car must be in good repair with no leaks, and tires that aren't worn out.  You must have working safety belts.  If we feel your car is unsafe or does not meet the minimum safety requirements, we will refund your money.

Helmets are not required but recommended.  

Entries (16)

Connor Placer
Kevin Stewart
Eliot Whitfield
Joshua Beaver
Duane Schmoyer
Michael Strange
Jerri Lynn Forrester
Sameer Khan

Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


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Motorsport 4the Masses

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