Tue, May 4, 2021

Free Webinar: Taking Your Car to the Track


About this event

Getting to the track for the first time can be intimidating, but it's an experience you'll never forget! The BMW Car Club of Ottawa is excited to host a free webinar “Taking Your Car to the Track”. This webinar will cover what it's like to experience a BMW Car Club of Ottawa Advanced Driving School (ADS) event, cover some FAQs, and we'll be taking live Q&A with attendees.

May 4th 7pm-8pm

The webinar objectives:

  • What do we mean by advanced driver training and how is this applicable to driving enthusiasts and drivers in general? (ie Why do I care?)
  • Cover the BMW Car Club of Ottawa's driving school philosophies and what makes our events the safest way to learn to drive on track.
    • Why is this kind of thing done on a race track?
    • Other clubs and businesses provide track time - lapping days, driver education, race school, what is the difference compare to our events?
    • I have a front wheel drive/ rear wheel drive/ all wheel drive/ does this matter? 
  • Answer common questions about taking your car to the track (no, you don't need a BMW or performance vehicle!)
  • Help you prepare yourself as a driver, and the car you'll be driving
  • Provide a general overview of an event schedule
  • Share some of the events we have planned this year and what makes them unique (see our website for ADS dates)


About the BMW Car Club of Ottawa:

  • We're a local, non-profit organization
  • Focused on driver education
  • Welcomes all makes (BMW ownership is NOT a requirement)
    • BMW Car Club of Ottawa has been running driving schools at Calabogie for almost 15 years, longer than any other group
    • We’re part of BMW Clubs Canada, with member clubs running driving schools for over 30 years 
    • Because we’re based in Ottawa we have the unique ability to provide instruction in english or french 
  • People-oriented instruction and events for driving enthusiasts
  • Contact us: info@bmwccottawa.org


Ottawa, ON


Driver School organized by

BMW Car Club of Ottawa

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