Sat, May 6, 2017

Spring Brakes

Autodrome St Eustace

About this event

Join us for the Spring Brakes Driver School at Autodrome St Eustace!


First Time Track Drivers Only** Free ** Proof of eligibility may be required. New membership is required.

Early-Bird Rate $100 CAD from February 6th through March 5, 2017

Regular Rate $125 CAD from March 6th through April 21, 2017

Late Rate $150 CAD from April 22nd through April 30, 2017

Non-Member Surcharge $57.50 CAD to be applied towards a 1-year membership in the Club (Ending Dec 31 2017)

Event requirements

More information is available on our website.


To register, you must hold a valid driving license with at least 2 years of driving experience.

All cars must have two seats of the same type, a dashboard, and equivalent seatbelts/harnesses for driver and passenger. 4-point harnesses are forbidden at any time. 5 and 6-point harnesses are allowed only if the car is equipped with a roll cage or roll bar. Harnesses should be used in accordance with the harness manufacturer's installation instructions/recommendations, which usually entails the use of a dedicated racing-type seat. Convertibles with original factory fixed hoops may be accepted, provided it passes the ÍžbroomstickÍŸ test. Convertibles with original factory pop-ups are accepted without the ÍžbroomstickÍŸ requirement. Convertibles without approved factory fixed hoops and/or pop-ups must have approved reinforced roll bars, 5 or 6-point racing harnesses, and arm restraints, plus meeting the ÍžbroomstickÍŸ test requirement. All convertibles must run with the top up. For further clarification concerning convertibles, please contact our chief instructor. All participants must have a technical inspection performed on their vehicles, by a certified mechanic, within 3 weeks of the event date (See form). On the day of the event, the club will do a follow up tech inspection of all the vehicles at the track. All cars must pass tech inspection and be safe. The BMW Auto Club of Quebec reserves the right to refuse access to any car deemed unfit for track use. All participants must wear helmets bearing either Snell SA2010-2015 or M2010-2015 certification. Drivers of cars with gutted interior, or roll cage, must use an SA helmet. Please take note that this is an ADVANCED DRIVERS SCHOOL and not a race. Under no circumstances will timed laps be permitted. If you have doubts about the acceptability of your car, call the organizers. DO NOT bring your car to the track and try to plead your case. If you do and your car is determined to be unacceptable, then you will not be allowed to run and your fees will not be refunded.

For further information, please e-mail the organizers:

Entries (8)

Adam Miller
Ron Latchman
David Pereira
George Pavlis
Alexandre Desrochers
Marcel Abelly
Denis Plourde
Guy Painchaud

Autodrome St Eustace

Saint-Eustache, QB


Driver School organized by

BMW Auto Club Quebec

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