Sat, May 8, 2021

Second Annual After Dark Kart Enduro

VIR Kart Track

About this event


Come join us for wheel to wheel karting at VIR! The same weekend that NCR will be running the SARRC/MARRS Challenge regional race, we will have an arrive-and-drive two-hour karting enduro at the VIR Kart Track on Saturday evening.

This event is run under the VIR Kart Track rules

Please note, if it is raining this event will be canceled, and your cards will not be charged. We plan to make the call that day, if not earlier.

NOTE: Registration for this event constitutes one team entry. That means only the team captain must sign up. A maximum of twelve (12) teams can compete at this event.

Entry fee is $250 per team. Payment method must be provided upon registration, however cards will not be charged until registration closes at 9pm Thursday before the event.

Check out some video of similar enduro events at this track:

If anyone needs assistance with finding or joining a team, please contact Paul Spencer at

Event Schedule

Registration Closes & entry fees charged

Thursday, May 6th @ 9:00 PM

Driver's Meeting

Saturday, May 8th @ 5:30 PM

Race Start

Saturday, May 8th @ 6:00 PM

Checkered Flag

Saturday, May 8th @ 8:00 PM

Event requirements

Rules & Regulations

  • Drivers must be over 5'1" and weigh less than 260lbs
  • Race will be 120 minutes (2 hours) long.
  • The race start will be a standing start on the front straightaway. On the out lap, maintain very slow speed, follow the track marshal’s instructions and do not pass your grid spot. Once in your grid spot, wait until a waived green flag is displayed to indicate the start of the race.
  • Winners will be determined by those teams who have completed the most laps at the end of the race.
  • Each team must do a minimum of 3 pit stops (4 stints).
  • Pit speed limit is walking speed and begins at the "slow down" signs in the pit lane. If you exceed the pit speed, you will either be black flagged for a stop-and-hold or a lap will be electronically deducted.
  • When changing drivers, the exiting driver may NOT push or touch the kart after exiting.
  • If you do not change drivers during your pit stop, the driver must come to a complete stop and will be held by an official for a set length of time and then released back onto the track. This will constitute one stop.
  • No intentional bumping, blocking, or reckless behavior. Violators will be black flagged.
  • Additional supplemental rules may be announced at the driver's meeting by either NCR staff or VIR Kart Track staff. Please arrive early enough to weigh-in all team members and attend the drivers meeting.

Requirements for drivers:

  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn while driving
  • Minors must have a parent or guardian present to sign the minor waiver.

Equipment that is mandatory and will be provided at the track, or you may bring and use your own:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Karting neck collar or neck restraint

Items that are optional but recommended:

  • Long pants
  • Gloves
  • Balaclava
  • Water & hydrating drinks
  • A safe method for alerting your driver to pit

As your team's captain, it is your responsibility to communicate all rules and regulations to your teammates, and have your team present at the track in time for the scheduled driver's meeting.

Entries (14)

Mark Bradley
Mike Spencer
Connor Zilisch
Kevin Rychlik
Paul Sexton
Ryan McBain
Christian Williams
Sam Dougherty

VIR Kart Track

Alton, VA


Karting organized by

SCCA - North Carolina Region

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