Round 05 / / Road America info on Aug 13, 2021 (685013) |

Round 05 / / Road America

Round 05 / / Road America

GT Celebration

Friday, Aug 13 — Sunday, Aug 15, 2021
Road America, Plymouth, WI

Registration closed August 3, 2021 11:59 PM at 2021-08-03T23:59:00-0700 Registration ends August 3, 2021 11:59 PM at 2021-08-03T23:59:00-0700 Registration opens December 15, 2020 8:00 AM at 2020-12-15T08:00:00-0800 Registration runs from December 15, 2020 8:00 AM to August 3, 2021 11:59 PM


Decades of combined motorsports experience unite to bring you the ultimate community of sports car racing. We take retired race cars and bring them together to compete at premier race tracks across North America. The GT Celebration paddock is a buzzing community of talented enthusiasts seeking the energy that only motorsports can provide.

Featuring classes in GT-3, GT-4, PC and TCC, GT Celebration events support Formula Drift, professional sports car race weekends and Yokohama Driver's Cup competition. Competitors enjoy four hours and 25 minutes of track time at priority slots throughout the weekend. In-between sessions, the GT Celebration trailer becomes the hub of activity with room to discuss with your coach, other competitors and GTC team members.

Each race weekend features two races awarding points for the season driver championship along with personalized podium-placed trophies for you to bring back to your home, office or garage. Each car is inspected before and after each session to ensure compliance with previously-set BoP regulations.

With a dynamic calendar spaced from March to September, we encourage you to register for a full season. Click here to learn more about what you can expect at a GT Celebration race weekend.