Sat, Oct 3, 2020

Raser Motorsports - Lapping Event #6

Toronto Motorsports Park

About this event

Circuit: Toronto Motorsports Park - Cayuga, ON
Availability: Limited spots available to keep run group size down.
Date: Oct 3, 2020
Time: 4pm - 7:30pm (3.5 hour duration)
Run groups: Beginners / Advanced 

Photographer on site; refreshments will be provided. 
Instructors on site; ad-hoc instructions (per hour) available
Helmets are recommended, but not mandatory. 
Safety marshal and pit marshal present at all times.
Safety meeting & driver meeting - 30 minutes prior to event. 

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Tim Somerville

Toronto Motorsports Park

Cayuga, ON


Open Track organized by

Raser Motorsports

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