Tue, Jul 13, 2021

RaceCraft Track Night at PittRace

Pittsburgh International Race Compl

About this event

RACE STARTS!  Each session begins with a gridded RACE START!  Increase your level of comfort with Race Starts, by gridding yourself before each session wherever you like...start on the poll, start in the back, etc.  

NO POINT-BYS!  Improve your Racecraft with real door-to-door tracking, open passing anywhere on the track. Point-bys are not required, but are encouraged.  

OPEN LAPPING! - you can enter and exit the track as you like to test-n-tune your car.  


Contact between cars is strictly prohibited and will result in your tracking privileges being immediately revoked. 



Event requirements

Must provide evidence to Registrar of your experience being on track in events that don’t require Point-bys. 


Pittsburgh International Race Compl

Wampum, PA
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Download track map


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