Fri, Jun 14 - Sun, Jun 16, 2019

Potomac's Watkins Glen DE

Watkins Glen International

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PCA Potomac returns to historic Watkins Glen International for its famous 3-day DE.  This is a must-do event!

Our hands-on, high-energy driver education program will give you the experience needed to learn how to drive your car toward the limits. We offer 90 minutes of track time per day, with 5 different run groups. Are you a beginner or starting out? Our Green and Blue Run Groups offer an assigned instructor who will ride with you in your car to help you learn how to drive your car fast while being safe. Did we mention there are no speed limits? We also have run groups dedicated to solo drivers, and if you are an advanced driver then you may be suited for one of our higher run groups with fast driving and extended passing (with a point-by) anywhere on the track.

The greatest part of Potomac PCA is the people, people that will help you with your car, and new friends to drive with. We host a happy hour on Friday and Saturday evening after the track shuts down. This is a great time to talk about the day's driving, boast about your day, or just get to know the people you are sharing the track with. Our motto "be safe, have fun, and learn" will certainly be remembered after a weekend with us.

Watkins Glen is an FIA Grade 2 road course that used to hold Formula 1 racing events, and currently holds IMSA, NASCAR events; nothing like watching racing on TV when they are racing on a track THAT YOU HAVE DRIVEN! The track itself is 3.4 miles long, offers the climbing esses, a pair of falling esses that drop 14 stories in height, the famous toe of the boot, and plenty of high-speed driving on an outstanding smooth racing surface. Watkins Glen also offers fuel, large paved paddocks, garages, food services, plus an option for dinner with the Potomac PCA at the Glen Club overlooking the climbing esses. Want a little more? We plan to conduct an Extended Passing session for the White Run Group to prepare those drivers for the higher-level run groups.

Please make sure all your guests are registered and have signed waivers. Drive safe, smart and have a great weekend. As always, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.”

Registration Fee: $550 for drivers, $275 for instructors

Garages: $100 for the weekend. These will be offered to instructors and PCA Potomac DE volunteers about 4-5 weeks before the event via email from the Registrars. Garages still available after a week will be opened to all registrants.

Potomac requires your car to be inspected no more than two weeks prior to the event.  Potomac will be offering a free tech inspection, please see Tech Inspections for more details and to download the required Tech form. (The 2019 form will be available in late February.)

Event requirements


All drivers must be at least 18 yrs old and have a valid drivers license.

Click here for FAQs and other useful info about our DE program!


  • We require prior training before participating in our DEs -- see the FAQ link above, question "What's the best way to start?" for more details.
  • Our events are open to all marques.
  • You do not need to be a PCA member to participate.
  • Registration closes the Saturday prior to the event (late registrations are risky due to capacity).
  • You may notice your event status is yellow / "New" - until it becomes green / "Confirmed", you only have a place in line not an actual slot in the event. (Or if you see "Waitlist"...keep your fingers crossed for an opening!)  We will contact you again via email about 2 months prior to the event to confirm acceptance at which time you will also receive instructions about billing and the date your credit card will be billed.
  • Green students are expected to attend all days of the DE, particularly the first day, for safety reasons. 
  • Event waivers will be provided for review and required signatures at on-site event registration.


  • Full coverage rubber-soled shoes, long sleeved and legged clothing, and socks required. Natural-fiber clothing highly recommended. Drivers’ suits, gloves, shoes and neck brace made of fire-resistant materials recommended but not required.


  • You must cancel online BEFORE WE BILL YOU, which will be 4 weeks before the event.
  • If you cannot cancel online, you must notify the Registrar by email BEFORE YOU ARE BILLED and receive an ACKNOWLEDGMENT by email to verify that you have canceled.


  • Potomac accepts only credit cards for payment. You are responsible for maintaining valid credit card information in your profile.
  • We bill your credit card FOUR weeks before the event. We only bill Confirmed drivers, not waitlisted drivers.
  • Billing problems result in notification by email with 48 hours to resolve the issue. If you do not correct the issue within 48 hours, your registration will be canceled. Reinstatement of a registration canceled for this reason will incur a $50 admin fee and require immediate payment with a valid credit card.
  • Credit card and billing information uses secure connections and is encrypted. You are the only person who has access to your card number. We only see the last four digits for billing.


  • Cancel before you are billed (4 weeks before the event) and there is no charge.
  • Cancel after you are billed and you forfeit your entry fee. No refunds or DE credits after billing.

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Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen, NY
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