Sat, Jul 31, 2021

PCA Potomac Autocross #5 (PorscheFest)

Summit Point Raceway - Potomac

About this event

PCA - Potomac's Autocross Event #5 (PorscheFest 2021!) 

Please join us for this special, once-a-year event where PCA Potomac has the Autocross and DE groups both at Summit Point for PorscheFest!  Details are pending due to the ongoing pandemic, but we will be doing something special to commemorate the event.

This event is a low-to-medium speed auto driving event at the Potomac Circuit of Summit Point Raceway (map).

At an autocross event, drivers navigate a course, delineated by soft traffic cones, in a parking lot. Drivers are given about six attempts to drive the course as fast as possible without going off course (DNF or did not finish) or knocking over a cone (a two second penalty). Autocross is not head-to-head racing; rather, cars proceed one at a time and race the clock. As each autocross course is different, drivers walk the course together before the driving starts to learn the course. The driver who navigates the course the fastest is heralded as having the fastest time of the day or FTD.

For more information, check out our Autocross FAQ or email

Cost is $50 for PCA members and $60 for non-PCA participants. Payments will be charged when registration closes to allow for flexibility during the pandemic.

Registration for PCA drivers will open on 2/13 at noon. 
Registration for non-PCA drivers will open on 7/3 at midnight.

PANDEMIC PROTOCOLS (Updated June 2021)
-If you are vaccinated, all COVID-related restrictions have been lifted.  If you are not yet vaccinated, please wear a mask when in close proximity to others and social distance whenever possible.
-The Junior Participant Program is back!

-Our loaner helmet program is back! While we encourage participants to bring their own helmets, we will have some available for people who haven't yet made the investment. 
-Breakfast will be provided!
-Lunch will be provided by Railside in a brown bag grab-and-go manner. A Google Forms link for your customer lunch order will be emailed to drivers closer to the event date.
-In-car instruction is back on a limited basis and requires pre-registration and approval.  Novices who would like to receive in-car instruction are encouraged to click "yes" to in-car instruction during registration.

Event requirements

Waivers:  You will be required to sign two online waivers using MSR's SpeedWaiver digital-signing module.  As you register in MSR, you'll be asked to enter your cell number.  Please list your actual number as MSR uses this to text you a personal link to the SpeedWaiver system.

Helmets: You must use a helmet with a Snell 2010 or newer (Special Applications) or M (Motorcycle) sticker.  The helmet can be full face, open face, or open with a chin guard.  The helmet should be rated for multiple impacts and have a fireproof liner.

Pay special attention to fit. The helmet should not be so tight that it brings on a headache, but your head should not rattle within it either. The goal is to have a helmet that is snug enough to prevent your head from having a distance to travel before hitting the padding.

Our loaner helmet program is back! While we encourage participants to bring their own helmets, we will have some available for people who haven't yet made the investment. 

Clothing: Footwear must be non-slip and NOT be open-toe or have heavy-duty soles such as those found on hiking shoes or work boots.

Tech Inspection: Tech inspections at autocross events will be conducted onsite at each event. We will be checking the basic safety condition of your car (e.g., tires are not excessively worn, no evidence of leaking fluids, brakes are operating properly, etc.).

Payments:  Payment is deferred until registration closes one week before the event to allow for flexibility during the pandemic. Your credit card on file with will be charged. If the event is full, you will be added to the MSR waitlist and payment will not be processed. If you are on the MSR waitlist, payment will be due only if you are notified via email that you have received a confirmed spot. At that time, payment must be made as directed (often within 24 hours or less) to confirm your spot or you will forfeit the spot. Please refer to our website for detailed payment, cancellation and refund policies:

Summit Point Raceway - Potomac

Summit Point, WV


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Potomac, The Founders' Region - Autocross

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