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PCA Diablo DE Event - Thunderhil

Thunderhill Raceway Park

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Porsche Club of America Diablo Region Track Day at THUNDERHILL RACEWAY PARK

Sponsored by Porsche Walnut Creek 

 Friday,  September 7, 2018 

5 Mile Track Configuration

Limited size run groups, lots of track space, tons of track time

"Have Fun, Be Safe, Drive Fast" 


THIS EVENT IS FOR PORSCHE CARS ONLY - All event details can be found at



7/28/18: We are currently wait listing all non-Sponsored Beginner drivers who require an Instructor.  There is no charge to be on the wait list.  If we have additional instructors register we will clear people off of that wait list on a first come/first accepted basis.  Only Beginner drivers who have been cleared to drive solo at Thunderhill should register as "Beginner Cleared to Drive Solo".

8/19/18: Our Beginners group (those who need instruction) is now full.  We can no long accept people on the Beginner's Wait List who are not a Sponsored driver.  If you were already on the Wait List, we are still working out the Instructor list and will have the current Wait List worked out by end of day August 26.

8/27/18: We have now filled all spots for Beginners who need instruction.

General Information:

This event is open to all Porsche drivers from first time beginners through advanced level track drivers. We expect to run four run groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Instructors.  The DE team will review all registered drivers and will confirm the run group classification of all drivers based on overall track experience.  During the event the DE team will work to accommodate drivers wishing to change run groups, subject to approval by our Chief Driving Instructor (CDI).  Instructors will be allocated to all 'first time' drivers to the track.

Please note that if you intend to share one car with two different drivers, BOTH drivers need to register separately, pay the registration fee, AND be capable of running in different run groups.  That is, both drivers cannot drive in the same run group.  No passengers or guests allowed in cars during hot lap sessions.   If we do offer a parade lap session during this event, passengers will be allowed at that time.

Passing will be with mandatory point-by in all groups. We take safety very seriously, and will 'black flag' any participant who disregards passing protocols or consistently fails to give point by's, including denying access to the track with no refund of registration fees if deemed necessary by the safety officer. (Fortunately, in 9 years we have hardly ever had this happen because, as a limited sized group, we have a chance get to know each other and conga lines rarely happen!).

We are a Porsche club, not a driving school or a driving business.  We run several safe, fun and friendly track events each year. We do not race, time trial or time laps. We limit this event to 25 cars per run group so that we can offer plenty of room on track and lots of track time. The registration fee includes a full yummy lunch and bottled water throughout the day.

Safety Inspection Information:

All drivers must certify that their car has passed a safety inspection by an authorized person within 30 days of this event per PCA guidelines.  The safety inspection form can be downloaded at ( All drivers will complete this safety inspection form which verifies the condition of their car is ready for the track and will be handed to us at check-in, or at 'grid tech', which is final inspection of your car on the day of the event. Well maintained Porsches should have no problem passing tech inspection, if they have good brakes, tires, no oil leaks and no defects. If in doubt, have the experts look at your car.

The following sponsor is offering free safety inspections for participants of this event:

  • Porsche Walnut Creek – by appt. only
    • Call 925-280-4363 or stop by the dealership to make an appointment.

  • Kahlers in Dublin – by appt. only

Private Instructors/Coaches:

Private instructors/coaches are welcome to attend our events once approved by our Chief Driving Instructor (CDI).  If you are bringing a coach to provide you instruction, please be aware that your instructor will need to:

  1. Contact our CDI to discuss their participation and obtain approval. 
  2. Need to register on MSR as an ‘Instructing Only’ instructor, and also list your name in the ‘Are You Sharing a Car’ section of their registration form.
  3. Will not drive their own cars on the track (unless they have registered as a participant and pay the participant fee).
  4. Adhere to all Diablo PCA and track operator requirements

Private instructors/coaches who show up at the day of the event without following the pre-registration requirements are not guaranteed to participate in this event.  Please contact the CDI if you have any questions.

Pre-Event Activities:

DE 101/201: Drivers are invited (strongly recommended) to attend our DE Introduction briefing called DE 101 / 201. We will have a section for new drivers to track, as well as discussion on driving Thunderhill, an opportunity to share experience for all levels.   This DE 101 / 201 event will be held on Wednesday evening August 15, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Prosche Walnut Creek.  Pizza will be provided.   

Dinner: The always popular and fun no-host group dinner and participant check-in will be Thursday night September 6 at Casa Ramos in Willows beginning at 6:30pm.  Bring your guests to dinner as well, it's always a good time.   

Run Group Selection:

  • Drivers with 5 or less track days experience should register as Beginners (Yellow Group) (Only Beginners who are approved to drive Solo on the 5 mile Thunderhill course can register)

  • Drivers with less than 19 track days should register as Beginners or Intermediate (Yellow Group or Green Group)

  • Drivers with 20 or more track days or Instructor experience can register as Advanced (Blue Group)

Note: If you are a Beginner, but have been cleared to drive on the track without an Instructor, please select the Beginners-Solo run group.



Registration Fee: $325 per driver 

Registration fee includes a lunch.  Guests can also purchase a lunch ticket at the event 

Instructors driving their cars are $100.  Instructors who are only instructing and not driving their own car on track are free.

Refunds are subject to a $75 cancelation fee.  Sorry, no refunds after August 28. 

Registration will close when driver count is reached, or on midnight August 31.




Event requirements

This event is open to all people who drive Porsches!

For more information see our website at



1.    Registration is Critical -- priority for instructor allocation and acceptance into this limited event is decided by date of registration. In the unfortunate event that you register but we don’t have an available instructor, or place available, you will not be charged for registration or a cancelation fee.   Your credit card is not charged at time of registration.  It will be charged on a space available basis as we confirm you into the event and prior to the event taking place.

2.   You will be assigned an instructor unless:

  • You update your Motorsportreg profile with your track driving experience (i.e. # of events driven, tracks driven, OK to solo by whom and when), or
  • You have been signed off  “OK to Solo” by a Diablo Region DE Instructor

3. You must present a completed safety inspection form (the driver certifies that their car has undergone a safety inspection by an authorized person within 30 days of the event) and a valid driver’s license during registration at the track. Diablo Region PCA will assign and supply disposable vinyl numbers for your car which place on the glass of your windshield and rear window. Please find our Tech Inspection form here

4. Drivers are invited (strongly recommended) to attend our DE Introduction briefing called DE 101 / 201, which is typically held two weeks prior to the event.    We will have a section for new drivers to track, as well as discussion on driving Thunderhill, an opportunity to share experience for all levels.

5. Final event details, schedules and instructions will emailed to you about 1 week before the event.  

6. All registered participants will be provided lunch.  Breakfast and lunch is available for purchase for all guests.

7. If you are sharing a car with someone, you both need to register separately and in different run groups.  The registration form has a section where you can provide your car sharing details.

8. Helmets are required and must meet Snell SA 2010 or newer standards.  No motorcycle helmets are allowed. Thunderhill rents helmets on site at the Pro Shop along side the paddock.

9. Questions?  Ask the chairman, Adam Cipriano (

Entries (104)

Mike Ciopyk
Paul Thompson
Mohamad Malikyar Jr
Gary Berg
Keith Combs
Jeffrey Urnes
Ed Jenkins
Vince Nolletti

Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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