Sat, Apr 24, 2021

Olympic Lowlands 2021


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This tour will only go if the counties where we will travel are all in Phase 3 of the governor's reopening plan!  There are indications that some counties may be forced back into Phase 2 due to an increase in Covid cases.  Let's hope that doesn't apply to the area we plan to use for this tour!!

Join us for 2021 Olympic Lowlands tour, originally scheduled for last year and canceled not once, but twice due to Covid-19 restrictions!  Let's hope the third time is a charm.  This tour will feature great food, scenic driving, and surprising roads. Our NEW STARTING POINT will be the Costco/Best Buy/Home Depot shopping area at 1470 Marvin Road NE, Lacy, WA.  This is due to Pierce County slipping back into Phase 2 and the DuPont Library was in Pierce County!  Then we’ll head south towards Olympia. We’ll explore the skinny roads on the peninsulas north of Olympia near the waters. We’ll drive a circuit in the south Olympic lowlands, then through the woods of the Capitol Forest. Spring will be in full bloom to our delight!  We’ll have a late lunch at the famous Ranch House BBQ restaurant near Olympia.

As always, we will need volunteer group leads and sweeps, so help us out!  There needs to be two people in lead and sweep cars by PCA Minimum Driving Tour Standards.  We will again be using the SmartWaiver process to get everyone signed.  As a reminder there are TWO waivers to be signed in order to complete the rerquirement.   If you don't get a message at the end saying "You're all Set" on your smart phone then YOU ARE NOT ALL SET and Greg will get a "pending" status after your name which does not mean you are good to go.  ALSO, once you complete your waiver signing, use your same smart phone, but type in your PASSENGER'S  NAME and THEIR NUMBER for them to sign.  For minors, use your smart phone number, but THEIR NAME on the request, then YOU YOU SIGN FOR THEM at the bottom of each waiver!   Let's not make this a major issue for tour registration.  Thanks.

SmartWaiver link here: 

Event requirements

Tour Requirements:

  • Cancelations and refunds:  Cancelations must be made before April 21st.  Cancel online at prior to April 21st or directly to Bill Bauer after April 21st at (206) 972-5639.
  • Car club membership:  To participate you must be a current member of the Porsche Club of America and preferably the Pacific Northwest Region as well, effective on the date of registration.  Porsche owners who are not members may register and receive a special invitation on a case-by-case basis from the PNWR Tour chair.
  • Non-Porsches on the Tour: Since this is still considered a winter tour Non-Porsches  are allowed on this tour if you don't like getting you Porsche potentially rained on or dirty.
  • For Adult participants and attendees:  As stated above,.we will be using the new SmartWaiver electronic format for this tour.  There will be NO blank hard copies of either waiver form available at the start point as part of our Covid protocols

  • Age and driver's license restrictions:  All drivers must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid US driver's license at the time of the Tour.  A driving permit is not acceptable.
  • Registering for Passengers:  Please make sure to include the names of any passengers riding with you in the space provided during registration.  If you have two cars on the tour each car and driver should register with a separate Motorsportreg account.
  • Additional information:  See our club website under "Let's Get together--Tours"



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Jaywant Subramaniam
Brian Fishkin
Mohan Dhas
Ron Bauer
Paul Webber
Ron Anderson
Heng Chen
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