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Mon, Apr 26, 2021

NWAA @ The Ridge

Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

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NWAA @ The Ridge!  April 26th, 2021

Registration  Price:

 $275/driver, 60 Drivers max. 3 Run groups 

  • Group A  First time at The Ridge - 20 driver limit , for the beginner road course driver. Recommended to have multiple Autocross, other on track experience or Hillclimb(s)
  • Group B  Intermediate - 20 driver limit , Driver's having more track experience (including other tracks) and/or multiple times at The Ridge.
  • Group C  Advanced - 20 driver limit , Have run The Ridge previously, On track driving schools, Years of track events/racing.

Event will run rain or shine


Basic Info:

The Ridge COVID-19 Rules

NWAA @ The Ridge Monday April 26th, 2021

  • This is lapping, not a race.
  • This is fun, not a race.
  • There is no trophy, it's not a race.
  • This is for maximum track time.

Again, this is NOT a race. Or a competition. Point to pass, pay attention to your mirrors.

Pay attention to people waiting to pass you and be ready. You wouldn't want to get stuck behind someone slower than you, be courteous to the more advanced drivers.
In the passing zones when you come around the corner point fellow drivers to pass, to your cars left/drivers side. Give the other driver(s) the WHOLE straight to pass you. If more than one driver is passing you point by each car that you expect to pass you.

Passing Zones: Between Turn 16 and Turn 1, between Turn 5 and Workstation T6, and between Turn 12 and Turn 13. Please see the track map below for reference:

2020 Ridge Track Map.pdf

Please remember to drive nice and safely in Mason County. The county was nice enough to let Ridge Motorsports Park be built, show them courtesy in return.

Limit of 60 cars! 20 per Run Group, 3 Run Groups.



The Ridge has an on-site Cafe that will be open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You are welcome to leave and grab food from the town of Shelton, WA.

No drugs or alcohol allowed on the track, anywhere. At all.

Bring whole food snacks, eat well, keep your energy up.


  • No ride alongs.
  • No drugs/alcohol allowed on the track.
  • No spills or garbage allowed there. Catch ALL your fluids AND garbage. Put it in the bin or take it with you.

Track Specific Rules:

  • All vehicles must have mufflers. A 103 db limit measured 50 feet from the track will be enforce at all times.
  • The Ridge requires all dogs to be on a leash at ALL times. Owners must clean up after their dogs. If an owner is caught not cleaning up after their dog then the $500 cleaning fee for the track gets passed down to that owner to pay.

These rules are in place for a reason our safety, if we have to use the ambulance (someone is hurt bad, not good) the event is on hold until another emergency vehicle is on site.

Track Etiquette:

  • 5 MPH in the pits/paddock areas MAXIMUM.
  • Keep your pit area tight and neat.
  • Have fun enjoy all the cool cars and Drivers that are like you!
  • Play and share the track with the other Drivers, this is not a race event-do you want to race? Check Out Team Continental!
  • Share the track allow passes and then follow, might be fun and you will learn!

Time Table:

 Schedule for 2021

 6:30 AM

 Gates Open

 7:00 AM

 Registration Open

 8:00 AM

The Ridge Orientation Tour - New Drivers Mandatory 

 8:30 AM

 MANDATORY Drivers Meeting.

 8:45 AM

 Group C Pre-Grid

 9:00 AM

 Group C Enter Track (B Group to Pre-Grid)

 9:20 AM

 Group B Enter Track (A Group to Pre-Grid)

 9:40 AM

 Group A Enter Track (C Group to Pre-Grid)

 10:00 AM

 Group C Enter Track (B Group to Pre-Grid)

 10:20 AM

 Group B Enter Track (A Group to Pre-Grid)

 10:40 AM

 Group A Enter Track (C Group to Pre-Grid)

 11:00 AM

 Group C Enter Track (B Group to Pre-Grid)

 11:20 AM

 Group B Enter Track (A Group to Pre-Grid)

 11:40 AM

 Group A Enter Track

 12:00 PM

 Lunch till 1:00PM

 1:00 PM

 Group C Enter Track(B Group to Pre-Grid)

 1:20 PM

 Group B Enter Track(A Group to Pre-Grid)

 1:40 PM

 Group A Enter Track(C Group to Pre-Grid)

 2:00 PM

 Group C Enter Track(B Group to Pre-Grid)

 2:20 PM

 Group B Enter Track(A Group to Pre-Grid)

2:40 PM

Group A Enter Track(C Group to Pre-Grid)

3:00 PM

Group C Enter Track (B Group to Pre-Grid)

3:20 PM

Group B Enter Track (A Group to Pre-Grid)

3:40 PM

Group A Enter Track
4:00 PM

Open Group lapping

5:00 PM

Checkered Flag for the Day is flown

Car Inspection Checklist.pdf

Event requirements

Helmets required.

Licensed drivers 18 and older, waivers must be signed by all to enter the track. 

Entries (26)

Stephen Thomas
Derek DeMoss
Jeremy Pimm
Chris Morley
Ryan Haines
Mason Schuback
Steven Schuback
Paula Loftin

Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

Shelton, WA
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Download track map


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