Wed, May 26, 2021

NW Alfa Romeo Club - Twilight Lapping at Pacific

Pacific Raceways

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Social Distancing Will Be Observed.
Wearing Face Masks Is Mandatory.






The Northwest Alfa Romeo Club has been providing safe and fun High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events to club members, non-members, family and friends, and the car enthusiast community in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.

On Wednesday, May 26th we invite all our sport driving friends to join us for an afternoon of spirited driving, camaraderie, and good times. This is a late afternoon HPDE event being held at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. This is an open lapping format designed to provide club members and non-member guests the thrill of driving their beloved Alfa Romeos and all other vehicle types in a "spirited" manner on a closed road course. This event is open to all experienced drivers regardless of member or non-member affiliation with NWARC or any other regional car clubs, and an NWARC membership is NOT required. A 1-day temporary AROC membership is included in the registration cost for non-members for this individual event, and you are of course welcome to join NWARC (AROC) and enjoy the annual membership benefits if you desire:

Previous sport (track) driving and HPDE experience is required as a prerequisite for this event. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and the WA State mandate for "social distancing" we cannot guarantee there will be in-car instructors available for this event. So it is critical that you have verifiable credentials from NWARC, Proformance Racing School, or any other reputable car club/organization for "solo driving" in either Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced run groups. You also must have driven solo on track at Pacific Raceways at least 2-times in the past two years. If you are not sure whether your current experience level qualifies you for this event or you have on-track experience that is not documented here on, please do not hesitate to contact the Event Registrar

  • Check-in:  Begins at 4:00pm
  • Mandatory Drivers Meeting: 4:40pm
  • Open track:  5pm - 9pm or dusk, whichever is first
  • Registration Fee:  $175 per driver


Please be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition, with no visible fluid leaks or loose parts hanging from exterior or underneath the vehicle. Check your tire wear and tire pressure the day before the event. Check engine oil and coolant levels, and fill all reservoirs if necessary. Ensure you have at least half thickness on your brake pads and your brake fluid is up to task. All vehicles will be subjected to a basic technical inspection before being allowed on track. Please remove all loose items from the interior of your vehicle prior to arriving.

Please visit our friends at PROVA Motorsports if you have questions about any needed service to your vehicle in preparation for this event:  Christopher Benny at 206.420.8161 - facebook/provamotorsports

Insurance for your vehicle can be purchased through Hagerty's HPDE Track Day Insurance:

Event requirements

This event is open to all drivers, 16-years and older with valid drivers license and verifiable "solo" driving experience/credentials from NWARC or other reputable car club or HPDE organizations. Drivers also must have participated in at least two (2) HPDE driving events at Pacific Raceways in the past two years. In-car instructors may not be available at this event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and our need to maintain safe distances between one another. Let's make the best of this challenging situation, keep each other safe, and have fun and  embrace the spirit of Cuore Sportivo!

*NOTE: You must show your valid drivers license at check-in and before driving on the track (no photo copies, no exceptions). 

More on Sport Driving:

Experienced Drivers
You are considered an "experienced driver" if you have participated in HPDE (High Performance Drive Education) or open lapping events in either the Advanced or Intermediate run group with NWARC, Proformance Racing School, or other reputable car clubs at Pacific Raceways. You must also have participated in at least two HPDE events at Pacific within the past two years. If you have not been on track in more than two years please contact please contact the Event Registrar to discuss options. Experienced drivers will be on track together (regardless of vehicle type) in the Intermediate (B) and Advanced (A) run groups, and "solo" Novice drivers will be placed in the C group.

Drivers with at least two SOLO events on record at Pacific Raceways and moderate track experience are considered Intermediate. Intermediate drivers will be allowed passengers at the Event Registrars discretion.

Drivers with two SOLO events on record at Pacific Raceways and substantial track experience may be considered Advanced. Advanced drivers will be allowed passengers. Reminder - there will be no rental helmets.

Novice Drivers
We will have a dedicated Novice run group for drivers who have limited experience on a road course but have been previously checked off as a "SOLO Driver" with another recognized club or organization and have driven two SOLO events at Pacific Raceways in the last 24 months. If you feel as though you need a refresher on Pacific Raceways this is the group for you. If you are unsure of your Novice Solo status please contact the Event Registrar.  Instructors will be available on-site but will only be available for in-car instruction at the instructors discretion. No passengers allowed except designated instructors.

Changes in run group classification are the discretion of the Event Registrar. 

Helmets and eye protection are required for all drivers. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns there will NOT be rental helmets available for this event. Go to the NWARC Track Events website and check out more information about these types of events:

Please visit our friends at PROVA Motorsports if you have questions about any needed service to your vehicle in preparation for this event:  Christopher Benny at 206.420.8161 - facebook/provamotorsports

Insurance for your vehicle can be purchased through Hagerty's HPDE Track Day Insurance:

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Pacific Raceways

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