Sat, Sep 3, 2022

No-Invite Track Attack

Strathmore Motorsport Park

About this event

Join the No-Invite group for a full day of open lapping at the Strathmore Motorsports Park.

Groups for all skill levels and machinery with free instruction and quick tips  available from Instructors from Alberta Racing Academy.

BBQ lunch and refreshments provided.

Just $130 for a full day of track fun!

Event requirements

Riders must be a member of No-Invite.

Motorcycles must be fitted with axle sliders, exhaust slider, footpeg sliders and bar-end protection

Lights/turn signals must be removed or taped over

Licence plates are to be removed

Maximum engine capacity for 4-stroke engines is 450cc, 2-stroke engines is 125cc

One piece leather or textile suit (two piece must have a full circumferance waist zip to connect pieces)

DOT (or equivalent) approved full face helmet or dirt bike helmet - no open face or modular helmets. Helmets are to be fitted with either a non-damaged visor or goggles.

Leather boots that cover the ankle

Leather gloves that extend past the wrist

Strathmore Motorsport Park

Strathmore, AB


Open Track organized by

Alberta Racing Academy

No-Invite Track Attack

Sat, Sep 3, 2022