Sun, Nov 8, 2020

NeOkla 2020 Autocross Event #6 @ Fair Meadows

Tulsa Fairgrounds (Fair Meadow)

About this event

Join Neokla for the 7th event of our 2020 Autocross Season!  We are out at the Fairmeadow Infield for this event.

Entry fee is $35 for SCCA Members or $50 for non-SCCA members which includes Weekend Membership. 

Every driver will get 8 runs!  (4 base class, 4 paxed)

Onsite Registration and Tech will take place from 8:00am to 9:00am.  After registration and tech close, we will have a Novice walk of the course, followed by a drivers meeting, and first car off around 10am.  

We usually have a 30 minute lunch break.  Please bring plenty of water and sunscreen. 

NOTE:  We cannot allow any driver to participate without a valid Driver's License and SCCA Membership.  Please make sure to bring your Driver's License and SCCA Member Card or fill out a Weekend Membership at the event.

Event requirements

Registration will need to check your Drivers License and SCCA Membership.  (Pink copy of SCCA Weekend Membership or SCCA membership card)

Snell rated Helmets are required. Some loaner helmets are available.

Each car must pass a tech inspection before competing.  All loose items must be removed from the vehicle BEFORE tech inspection.  After registering at the timing trailer, get your car ready and to the tech inspection area.

Our days are divided into 2 heats, morning and afternoon.  During registration you will be signed up for a work assignment one heat and you will drive the other heat. You will not be allowed to compete again if you fail to complete your work assignment.

Drivers are required to attend the driver’s meeting where we will discuss course working and safety issues.

Everyone entering the site will need to sign the event waiver.

All drivers and passengers are required to fill out a Weekend Membership if they are not an SCCA member.

Children under 12 and pets MUST not leave the designated paddock or spectating areas.

All Minors (under 18) MUST have a minor waiver signed by BOTH parents to compete.

Each car will run two classes.  The first class will be your base class as defined by SCCA rules.  The second class will be your PAX class as outlined here:

PAX (P) - Open to any car or any class that wants to compete with the big dogs.  No exclusions.  Also know as Pro class.

Womenz (W) - You guessed it... This one is just for Ladies! Think you are queen of autocross? Prove it!

Masters (M) - This class is for our well seasoned veterans. If you are 55 or above, come play with the old guys! Any car or class can compete here.

Novice (N) - New to autocross? This is a good place to start! Any car or class can start here, No exclusions. Once you win Novice, you graduate to one of our other PAX classes! After running your first season in Novice, the choice is yours to move to the next class, or stay in Novice and win your way out!

Entries (55)

Michael Tritt
Jason Baney
Larry Slone
Jarod Baney
Jared Hale
Scott Thompson
Blake Thompson
Rogers Shaw

Tulsa Fairgrounds (Fair Meadow)

Tulsa, OK
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Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Northeast Oklahoma

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