Sat, Nov 14, 2020

NCM November High Performance Drivers Introduction

NCM Motorsport Park

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High Performance Drivers Introduction – HPDI


The High Performance Drivers Introduction is a “101” on track program introducing new drivers to the hobby of recreational performance driving. Here's what its about:


• Introducing new drivers to the recreational performance driving.

• Creating a lower cost, lower time commitment program to make it easier for drivers to give the sport a try.

• Breaking down the barriers of entry to the sport by keeping groups small, concentrated, and social.

• Creating more prepared drivers – demonstrating what to expect from a performance driving event, as well as demonstrating what is needed and expected from a driver and their vehicle.

• Makes for a great car club or group activity!


So how does it work?


The premise of the program will be small, concentrated groups cycling between a Lead/Follow on-track program paired with classroom sessions on what to expect from performance driving events, as well as teaching basic technique and terms needed for success in performance driving.


Things covered in the On-Track curriculum:


• Basic car control

• Breaking down the corner - Turn In, Apex, Track Out

• Passing procedures and point-bys

• Corner Stations, Brake Markers, Pit In/Out signs

• Having fun on track!


Things covered in the Classroom curriculum:


• Learning terms and procedures

• Vehicle tech requirements – What is needed from a vehicle?

• Personal protective equipment requirements – What equipment is required?

• Flags – Why are they there? What do they mean?

• Communicating with your instructor on and off the track

• Basic performance driving techniques

• How to get the most out of performance driving


Cost: $300


Program FAQs


• This is a bring your own car event

• Convertibles are welcome

• Passengers will not be allowed in Student vehicles

• Helmet rental will be available – however, please bring a helmet if you own one.

• 32 Student spots available

• Any mechanically sound vehicle is invited to participate, sports cars, coupes, sedans, trucks, mini-vans all welcome!

• Contact with any HPDI questions!



Instructors will need their own vehicles for the program

Check in for the event will begin at 8AM - Drivers Meeting at 8:30am 

Event requirements

Equipment requirements are minimal -

If you have a helmet, please bring it (SA2010 or newer is preferred). We will have limited helmets available for rental on a limited first come first served basis, as well as for sale in the Winding Road Racing store. 

Long pants, close toe'd shoes are required. 

This program is open to all normally functioning automobiles. Vehicle requirements will be gone over during the program, but please make sure the vehicle has no leaks, has clean brake fluid (dot4 is highly recommended), oil, as well as tires and brakes with at minimum of 1/4 life left. Vehicle must be in sound mechanical condition.

Convertibles are welcome to this program. 

Students must be a minimum of 18 years old with a valid drivers license. 

No performance driving experience is required.

Passengers will not be allowed for this program.

Any other questions can be directed to - the only stupid question is the one not asked. 


Entries (44)

Griff Tomlin
Bill Wade
Brian Sowders
John Spencer
Eric Provost
Debra Pollock
Lisa Martin
Dan Saldana

NCM Motorsport Park

Bowling Green, KY
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