Sat, Nov 14 - Sun, Nov 15, 2020

NASA at Pikes Peak International Raceway

Pikes Peak International Raceway

About this event

This event is an opportunity to learn the techniques of teaching from the former US Stig and author of best-selling driving book Optimum Drive (see bio below). Paul specializes is the processes that break through the typical barriers that cause instructors and drivers to plateau, thus creating an efficient path to anyone’s actual potential. The two days will be spend in a mix of classroom and driving in ever more challenging topics and exercises with competitions along the way to chart the progress of all involved. After the course participants will have gained personal ability both behind the wheel and as a teacher.


Paul F. Gerrard is an accomplished professional racing driver, precision/stunt driver, advanced driving instructor, vehicle evaluator, presenter and author. His career started in Europe winning a prestigious Winfield Scholarship that lead to successfully racing formula cars in both Europe and the United States. He made the transition into racing sports cars and simultaneously started instructing a wide range of drivers from military special forces to aspiring racers to teen drivers. Next on his progression was television appearing as an automotive expert and driver on shows such as Top Gear (UK and US editions), Grand Tour, MythBusters, Speedmakers, Supercars Exposed, Ultimate Factories and many others. He was “The Stigâ€for Top Gear USA for 8 years. In 2015 he became a host and test driver for TFLcar, a massive YouTube car review site. He has presented on every automotive topic imaginable and specializes in make technology and driving easy to understand for people at any level. In 2017 Paul became a published, best-selling author (Optimum Drive, Mango Publishing). Paul is also a sought-after expert witness in high-level automotive court cases. He has continually raced winning several national championships along the way racing everything from Pikes Peak to just about every professional road racing series all the way to being ranked number three in the world in vehicle jumping distance for a 2010 Hot Wheels Stunt. Additionally under his belt is over two decades of racing driver coaching and director level responsibilities at some of the most advanced racing schools in the world. While his passion is and always was racing, Paul has cultivated and created a career that allows him to not only enjoy his passion but do something that is perhaps even more satisfying… share that passion for what he considers the most accessible and highest-level mechanical interaction possible… a car and our uniquely human ability to connect with it.

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