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NASA at VIRginia International Raceway

NASA - Mid Atlantic Region

Friday, Oct 1 — Sunday, Oct 3, 2021
VIRginia International Raceway, ,


Congratulations on your invitation to the 2021 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine! This event is being hosted by the Mid Atlantic Region of NASA and will be part of the 20th Hyperfest! You can see the Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge rules, awards, partners and more at this link:

There are several registration options below. One is the UTCC on Friday. Also available on Friday are Test and Tune or Open Track. Test and Tune is for NASA licensed racers (or drivers who are eligible to apply for a NASA race license with a current license from an approved sanctioning body).  Open Track is for advanced drivers, Time Trial entrants, and Instructors who do NOT have a race license. Open Track and Test and Tune each provide approximately 2 hours of track time in addition to the UTCC.  The other three options listed here are transponder rental, Time Trial group (Sat/Sun), and HPDE 3 for advanced drivers (no TT or Comp license).  

If you need a transponder, please rent one in advance below. All entrants must have a transponder. To guarantee a rental is available, you must register below by September 20. 

Participating drivers must hold a current NASA competition license, NASA TT license, or have their experience verified.  Your experience will be reviewed and we will contact you if more information is needed. Drivers with a current NASA Competition License or Time Trial license get accepted automatically.  UTCC drivers are not automatically granted permission to drive in Time Trial on Saturday and Sunday.  If you would like to participate in Time Trial over the weekend, you may sign up below and we will review your experience for this activity in addition to the UTCC. HPDE 3 is also a choice if you do not have a TT License. 

Only those that have been invited may register to participate in the UTCC event.  To apply for a spot in the Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge, submit your information here: NASA Mid-Atlantic welcomes you to participate over the weekend in any one of our groups for which you are qualified. We are currently accepting entries for the Time Trial group for Sat/Sunday as noted below. Registration for weekend Racing and the High Performance Driving School is also open, and please go to this link to register: 

An event email will be sent approximately ten days prior to the event with a link to all pertinent information including gate instructions, parking, schedule, driver list, etc.  The schedule will be posted by 3 weeks prior. 

Here is the registration link for all other Full Course VIR activities over the weekend: #3600: Oct 1st - 3rd, 2021 - NASA (

If you are not already a member of NASA, the membership fee will be added prior to the conclusion of your registration session. There will be no refund or credit of your registration fee for the UTCC unless we can fill the spot with a standby driver.

Questions? Please contact the following:

Laura Cobetto, Registrar

Chris Cobetto, NASA/HyperFest Event Director

Tom Suddard, Director of Marketing //////  Please put UTCC in the subject heading of your e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you at VIR and welcome you to the NASA Mid Atlantic family!

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