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NASA at Willow Springs International Raceway

NASA - California- Southern Region

Saturday, Feb 13 — Sunday, Feb 14, 2021
Willow Springs International Raceway, ,

HPDE, Time Trial (TT), Road Racing, Competition Drivers' SchoolOver the course of the weekend, you will enjoy:
  • Tons of track time on the 2.5-mile road course.
  • Training from experienced instructors.
  • Friendly competition against drivers like you.
TT Driver Screening
  • If you register for TT, you must be pre-approved by the group leader prior to the event or have a TT license. 
  • If you have not participated in NASA SoCal HPDE 4 or TT within the last two years and do not have a NASA Competition License or TT license, you MUST e-mail Greg Greenbaum,, for screening and approval.
Tech Information
  • Tech will be available on Friday, Feb. 12, 3-6pm.
  • Fees:
    • 2021 Season Renewal (valid tech from 2020): $20.00
    • Initial Certification w/ Logbook: $40.00
You need a transponder if you participate in Time Trial. Please provide number during registration, or rent one. 
You do not need a transponder if you participate in HPDE 1-2, since you are not timed. DO NOT rent a transponder. 

Please Note: If you want to drive in NASA-sanctioned events with an open passing environment (i.e., Time Trial, Road Racing, Endurance Racing, etc.), you must hold or be eligible for a valid NASA Competition License or NASA Provisional License. Under certain conditions, you may receive a temporary waiver of license requirements from the Regional Director. 

Competition Drivers' School

The NASA Competition Drivers' School (Comp School) is for experienced drivers who wish to obtain their NASA Competition Drivers' License. The instructor-led training includes eight on-track and eight classroom sessions, as well as a final exam.


Eligibility Requirements

Proof of prior experience in one of the following:

  • HPDE 4
  • Time Trial
  • Open passing environment

All candidates must submit a summary of their driving experience to Steve Stepanian, Chief Instructor:

For more details, visit

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