Sat, May 22 - Sun, May 23, 2021

Montana Challenge Event 1 Helena, 05/22-5/23 2021

Rocky Mountain Emergency Services

About this event

Are you ready for the first round of the Montana Challenge? This race is pre-registration, pre-pay only!

All are welcome to join in on the fun, but in order for your points to be eligible toward your Region's points for the Montana Challenge Series, you must attend all eight Montana challenge series event days (4 separate weekends).

Three other regions will host the other three rounds. You will get one drop out of the 8 total race days.

For Region 105, each day at this event counts individually toward your season points totals.

Notice to Participants from SCCA: In light of the ongoing COVID situation, every attempt will be made to minimize the risks of exposure to the virus. 

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.

While near other participants, please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers, and staff into consideration and practice social distancing, wear a mask if you choose, and wash your hands, and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.

Event requirements

Experience Required: None, but you must have a valid driver's license or permit.
Location: Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center, Helena, Montana. Please visit our website under Calendar and Registration for directions.
Set-up and Check-in: Set-up begins at 7:00 a.m. Check-in ends at 8:30 a.m. No late check-ins. Please bring your Driver's License and SCCA Membership card with you to the table. 

Region 105 members, please expect to assist setting up.  Please arrive early enough to prepare your car & also assist preparations.  (7:00 a.m) 

Payment information must be entered now and will be charged when the weekend is over.
If you expect to be racing multiple region or state-wide events, we encourage you to get your annual membership, please visit Region 105 does not charge additional region fees.

Need: Snell 2005, M2005 or SA2005 helmets or newer. (A limited number of loaner helmets will be available on-site, and will be available at a first-come, first-served basis. Helmets cannot be shared.) Here is the link to approved helmet stickers: 2021 Helmet Rules (a download will begin.Work Assignments:

Safety/Tech Inspection will be required for all cars that have not been inspected at an SCCA affiliated event yet this calendar year.  It will also be required if modifications have been made to the vehicle since it was last inspected.  Arrive early to allow time for the inspection.

All competitors are required to perform work assignments when they're not running. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. If you have a special circumstance, such as a disability, please make the event staff aware during check-in.

Sleeping Accommodations:

The site at RMESTC allows for free, on-site camping from Friday night through Sunday. There are also single-person bathrooms located indoors. There is also space to park campers and trailers.

If you choose to rent a room, you can type in 'Rocky Mountain Emergency Services' in Google Maps and it will allow you to search for nearby hotels. The discounts you can get through some travel websites are better than any discount we have been able to procure.

Planning on staying on-site?

We are fortunate to use this facility for our sport.  Please help us continue to have an excellent relationship with the facility and track management by keeping their rules in mind:

Please do not enter the runway or road course areas of the track until a Region 105 official allows entry. 

We can park trailers and campers in the gravel parking area as well as the adjoining area to the west of the administration building parking lot.

We CANNOT park or camp east of the administration building, and never in the gravel area circling the fire training planes or by the white fire station building.

We also CANNOT park for an extended time in the parking lot for the two-story administration building.

The facility does not allow any hook-ups to facility electrical or water service.

When parking trailers, campers, or motor homes, please conserve space.

For our Montana Challenge, we are allowed to have tent camping on the grassy area in the center. YOU MUST NOT USE TENT STAKES. There has been damage to the sprinkler lines in the past from the stakes. We have a stack of landscape blocks near the orange barrier rails to be used to hold down the corners of a tent so that the wind cannot lift it and blow it onto the track. DO NOT USE TENT STAKES.  Tents must be removed from the grass by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Did we say: DO NOT USE TENT STAKES?

The single-use bathrooms on the first floor of the admin building are available for our use.  Please limit your time in the building and make sure you leave it cleaner than when you arrive.

If you have issues with access to the lot after hours, please contact Bob N. at 406-799-7619.

Entries (25)

Terry Root
Thomas Harris
Scott Harper
Andy Franks
B.G. Stumberg
Prosper Kelley
Loren Katzenberger

Rocky Mountain Emergency Services

helena, mt


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SCCA - Montana Region

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