Sat, Aug 28 - Sun, Aug 29, 2021

Legion MOTO at Heartland Park

Heartland Motorsports Park

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Welcome to the most bad ass weekend you'll have all year. This is one of the coolest tracks we've ever ridden, so of course we had to come out and do a weekend event.

This weekend is full of non stop action!

It starts on Saturday where we are bringing out our all star team of control rider coaches and some of the biggest names in the sport as our guest coaches for the day. Imperial Sportbikes is Colorado’s premier Aprilia dealer and will be providing demo bikes for you to take out and ride on track! Where else do you get to take a bike and test ride it at a race track? Let alone an Aprilia? Plus their knowledgeable shop staff will be on hand for all your suspension setup needs. Suit Rentals are available as well as all the track side support you can think of. . We will have a ton of  local vendors on hand as well.

A Group Shootout is open to any riders in A group. 5 laps, rolling start. Cross the finish line first and you get a set of tires of your choice from Dunlop. Ran both days.

B Group Trap Speed Contest. During a 1 hour block we trap the top speeds on the straightway with a radar gun. It's from where we trap it and not at a brake marker, so don't go crazy and full send it over alpha trying to win. Top speed gets a $150 cash and some other awesome goodies. Ran both days.

Then starting at 5pm head over to the drag strip for our Grudge Match/Test &Tune Drag night. If you purchase a weekend pass or just a Saturday pass the Drag Pass is included. Spectators are $10 at the gate.  All spectators must have a pass for the Drags, including any friends or family you bring. So call em out, line em up and send it. Or just work on your starts. Either way its gonna be a ton of fun. The Drags are open to the public, so it's a run what you brung event against whoever. Event ends at 10pm, so don't worry if you're sleeping over, you'll get some rest. 

Wake up Sunday and lets get right back to it! 

C group riders get the pleasure of YCRS leading and coaching throughout both days. We will pair you up with a coach automatically based on your bike size and skill level for the day. Do NOT sign up for this group if you are a A or B group rider, you will not be switched later and spots are limited.

There will be raffles, giveaways and did I mention lunch is on us? Yeah lunch is include. Doesn’t get much better than that. See you there!

Event requirements

Must  have leathers. Either a two piece that zips around or a one piece. Boots, full face dot or snell approved helmet and gloves are required. All  parents with minors under 18 that want to ride please email Legion MOTO staff directly prior to the event.

Heartland Motorsports Park

Topeka, KS


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