Sun, Jul 8, 2018

Leftover Fireworks RallySprint

Team O'Neil Rally School

About this event

Supplemental Regulations can be found here: available soon

Sharing cars and co drivers will not be an option at this particular event.  We will be using public roads, appropriate vehicle registrations, etc, are necessary.

Event requirements

All drivers must sign up separately and pay a separate entry fee. See form for details.

Any participant that is not an SCCA member in good standing, must purchase a weekend membership, see registration form.

4.8.1 for an entry to be considered complete, the following must be submitted:

- fees: entry, weekend membership

– submitted on-line

- required driver, co-driver and crew information

–submitted on-line

- rally vehicle information

4.8.2 Other: drivers may send electronic verification of driver’s license, or be  prepared to show at registration. to

4.8.3 Waivers: all team members and crew must sign the required waivers upon entering the property.

In order for any person under the age of 18 to be allowed on the site, a Minor Waiver form, MS-2A, must be on file with the Region. If you have not filed one and intend on bringing a minor, this must be filled out prior to the event.

All competitors MUST provide, drivers license, vehicle registration copies to prior to the event.

More info on waivers:

*****Waivers must be filed for each calendar year.

Entries (55)

William R King
Ryan Rice
Alex Kuklov
Jesse Whitsell
Michael Beliveau
Eric Patysiak
Elizabeth Mohan
Arek Bialobrzeski

Team O'Neil Rally School

Dalton, nh


Time Trial organized by

SCCA - New England Region - RallyCross

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